Juju Aquamoist Whitening Cream

Founded in 1946, Juju cosmetics aims to offer inspiration and satisfaction to customers with sincere services and product. Today, I shall be reviewing a very basic product that every girl should be using-an efficacious moisturizer. Because my skin is dull, I also look out for products with whitening properties.


Juju Aquamoist Whitening cream uses Vitamin C to lighten complexion, control melanin production and reducing wrinkles. Another key ingredient is Hyaluronic acid, for intensive hydration, to keep skin moisturized and dewy. Its milky-gel texture is light and quickly absorbed by the skin.



My verdict? Personally, I like it, because:

-is good moisturizer
-does not clog pores or cause break-outs
-makes my skin noticeably fairer and brighter
-its inexpensive (only $26.90 at BHG)

The only thing I’m not too fond of is it feels slightly sticky after application. This is why I only use it when I am putting on makeup or going to bed, otherwise, its feels uncomfortable. The product acts as a good makeup-base; once I apply my foundation, the sticky sensation disappears.

When I do not have time for hydrating masks, I can afford to slap on a lot of this cream before bedtime, because I’m confident it will not clog my pores (unlike many other night creams which I apply sparingly). I sleep in an air-condition environment; after 10 minutes, the cream sinks in completely and the stickiness is barely noticeable.



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