Cherry Garden Dim Sum

A couple of months back, my family visited Cherry Garden for dim sum brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Located at Mandarin Oriental, this sophisticated Chinese Restaurant offers Cantonese Cuisine with an artistic modern touch. It’ impossible not to be impressed by the decor of this place. The entrance itself is very grand while the main dining area is classically designed with charcoaled teak panels to resemble an Oriental courtyard. We loved the tranquil ambience as well as the warm, attentive service.




Most buffets think they can get away with quantity and neglect quality. Cherry Garden sets itself apart by using fresh premium ingredients to elevate the standard dim sum fare. In addition to their drool-worthy morsels, the dim sum buffet brunch offers a selection of appetizers, soups, mains and desserts. It takes a while for dishes to arrive, so do exercise caution when ordering in between dishes to prevent over-ordering.

Tea included in the buffet that week was Tie Guan Yin. It was a pleasant surprise, since every Chinese restaurant I have been to charge extra for tea.

The broths at Cherry Garden are simply a marvel of Cantonese brewing skills.

Double-boiled trio mushroom soup with white fungus, carrots and red dates felt really fortifying.


Soup of the day: Double-boiled Watercress soup.


Cherry Wood Charcoal Roasted Duck. Sliced to just the right amount of thickness, each bite released luscious flavor and juiciness from the tender meat. Two thumbs up for the mouth-watering, crisps skin.


The next stunner that arrived was Kurobuta Char Siew. Again, we were presented with beautifully tender meat. Glazed with honey, the balanced combination of sweet and savory graced our eager taste buds.


Braised Beef with five spices and sea salt was another delight that no meat-lover can resist.


Another dish you cannot miss is the Crispy Wasabi Aioli Prawns. Huge, remarkably fresh, crunchy prawns were generously coated with spicy wasabi, gave a pleasant burn. Mangoes added a refreshing contrast to the rich dish, while roe gave another dimension of flavor.


Luxe Steamed Pork Siew Mai. Replacing the other-wise common roe nested a single juicy baby abalone.


Steamed Kurobuta Char Siew Bao possessed just the right amount of slightly sweet meat encased within a fluffy exterior.


A traditional favorite, the Shredded Pork and Century Egg Congee boasts a velvety smooth consistency with plenty of shredded pork.


Folks who are lazy to struggle with crabs will love the Deep-fried mantou with Chili crab dip.


Other gratifying dishes we tried were Braised Cod fillet with Spinach Tofu, Crystal Dumplings with assorted fresh mushrooms and zucchini , chilled silky-skinned Drunken Chicken in Hua Diao and Rose Dew Chinese Wine, Steamed Live Prawns with minced garlic, sautéed Hong Kong young vegetables with garlic,  Poached Chinese spinach with Wagyu beef and egg white, Wok-fried wax meat Radish Cake with silver sprouts in XO sauce and Stir-fried vermicelli.









Steamed Custard Bun. While the pandan bun is unique, the traditionalist-in-me pledge loyalty to the classic liu sha bao.



Roasted Pork Belly was quite a disappointment-it’s skin was chewy instead of crunchy.


Desserts at Chinese Restaurants tend to be lackluster but Cherry Garden breaks out of the mould with creative offerings. Not only are their chilled desserts visual treats, they taste as good as they look! Chilled cream of Mango with Sago pearls, pomelo and lime sorbet is a great way to end a heavy meal-on a refreshing, sour note!


Despite their differences, sesame ice cream and  Avocado cream worked surprisingly  well together.


The most interesting of them all is no doubt the Cherries in nu er hong and kuei hua chen wine cocktail jelly. Harmoniously paired with lychee sorbet, this signature dessert won our hearts the moment we took the first mouthful.


For quality dim sum in an exquisite setting, Cherry Garden is your best bet! My In-laws, hubby and myself enjoyed ourselves immensely. While prices a veer a little towards higher end, the ingredients, cooking skills and technique is well worth the $68++.

Dim Sum Buffet Brunch
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
11am-1pm (1st Seating)
1.30pm-3.30pm ( 2nd Seating)
$68++ adult, $40++ child

Cherry Garden
Level 5, Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Ave
Tel: 68853500


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