Mikuni Degustation Dinner

Embark on a gastronomical adventure at Mikuni, an exquisite Japanese restaurant offering an array of set lunches, degustation dinners, plus Teppanyaki, Sushi and Robantayaki live stations, each helmed by a master chef. Dinner at Mikuni is a multi-sensory experience. Every aspect scored; sensational dishes, professional and unpretentious service, as well as the dramatic posh ambiance.

Mikuni ambiance

Executive Chef Moon incorporates a touch of modernity into traditional favorites. I’d recommend sampling one of the degustation menus, each carefully thought out by the chefs. Hubby ordered the Mikuni Grand Tasting Tour Course ($220) which has been updated, but I’ll still share it in this post to give you an idea how fantastic it is. Because I’m a fussy eater, I picked from the ala carte menu instead. The first half of this blog post will feature Mikuni Grand Tasting Course, followed by ala carte dishes and desserts.

Once seated, detach yourself from the hectic world outside and get into the mood with a relaxing lavender infused hot towel. Nibble on paper-thin spiced prawn crackers while browsing through the lengthy menu.


Otoushi (appetizer) was presented in a polished fashion. On the left, Kyoto Pumpkin layered atop heavenly smooth Egg custard adorned with Caviar and gold foil. The second item was Kumamoto Oyster and Hokkaido Uni, drizzled with Shiso Ponzu, which cut through the richness of this seafood combination.


Although I don’t know how to appreciate sashimi, I loved the pretty tiered presentation to the max. Remarkably fresh Toro, Hirame with Monk Fish Liver and Yellow tail.




Our first encounter with Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch/Akamustu) was a delight. Grilled to perfection, its flesh was tasty, tender and had a good amount of fat. Japanese Yam with Red Miso, chestnuts, sweet potato and Myoga (Japanese ginger) accentuated pristine flavor of the Nodoguro.


Making a statement was the tempura course- wrapped Tenshi Prawn, Hokkaido Uni, Shiso with grilled Salmon roe. Beautiful flavors, extraordinary presentation.


Exuding a grand aroma, the Hoba Miso Yaki Kagoshima Wagyu arrived on a Magnolia leaf, heated with charcoal. When the miso bubbles and thicken, stir the beautifully marbled beef with accompanying mushroom and leek. Our server informed that is best enjoyed with fluffy hot rice which was not included in the set dinner;  fortunately I had an ala carte portion ($5). This combination is superb!



A bowl of heart-warming comfort, the cha soba married well with hot bonito broth. Slices of flavorsome slow cook Duck breast complete the dish.



Now, for the ala carte dishes! Every portion is substantial, meant for 2 persons.

A lovely delicate broth of Ariake Clams, the Kyushu Asari Clear Soup ($28) warmed my digestive system for more to come.


From the Robatayaki live station, the Alaskan King Crab ($75) will satisfy the most discerning palates. The crustacean was simply seasoned to let its freshness take centre-stage. It’s sweet succulent flesh carried a hint of charcoal flavor and detaches effortlessly from the shell.


Teppanyaki Prawns doused in Golden Sauce ($40) which taste like mayo and egg. Personally, the golden sauce was not quite my cup of tea, simply because I dislike creamy savory food. Despite the bursts of ebiko in between bites, I found the sauce too rich and cloying. Do note that picture features only half a portion. Our server was so kind to make this arrangement because I was being greedy and ordered too much for my own good.


Mushrooms in Garlic butter ($28) were OK. I would’ve preferred more pronounced flavors though.


With complements from Chef Moon, this aesthetically presented morsel was nothing short of amazing. Didn’t quite catch the all the details; I believe its Wagyu smoked with apple wood. Our taste buds revel in the savory juices of the melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu.


Dessert included in the Mikuni Grand Tasting Tour Course was Japanese traditional Anmitsu, Black Bean, Vanilla ice cream and Fruits Espuma. Best enjoyed mixed together.


My Orange Sensation ($28) was more outstanding- a refreshing palate cleanser consisting of orange cream and marmalade, orange black sesame biscuit and blood orange sorbet.



A lineup of Petite fours to complete our tummy bursting meal- white chocolate almond (light grey pebbles), dark chocolate almond (dark grey pebbles), dried orange coated with sugar and chocolate, raspberry cookies, black tea cookies, yuzu citrus marshmallow and sesame seed cookies.


My verdict of Mikuni? Marvelous and not to be missed! Amex Platinum and Far Card members can enjoy 50% off the total bill (2 diners only)

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
Bras Basah Road
Tel: 64316156

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