Windowsill Pies

Windowsill in the Woods, more commonly known as Windowsill Pies is a suitably casual and cherry place to spend a lazy afternoon catching up with friends or with a lovely book. Upon pushing open the wooden door, you’ll be greeted by an vibrant display of eye-catching pies. They specialize in artisanal pies; all the pies are sweet but I’m not complaining!



The setting of the cafe reminds me of something you’d find a page of a children’s story book. Lively vibes with lots of chatter and friendly staff chirping away at the counter. Its self-service here-order at the counter and collect your mains from the kitchen booth when your buzzer beeps.  There’s no GST or service charge.



Savory menu changes fortnightly. Selection is limited and we were quite disappointed with our choices.

Texture of my Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding($14) was too tough, because the meat was overcooked. Lightly seasoned, I could taste the natural flavor of the beef, which went well with the caramelized onions and Yorkshire pudding. However the corn chips were so bland, I was struggling to finish them (I don’t like to waste food).


M’s Handmade Burger ($18) fared better. Seasoning was spot on, but there were some dry areas within the beef patty. Chips were boring and we felt that $18 was too pricy for such a small serving.


W was starving and needed her dose of carbs. She went for Baby Octopus and Chicken Heart Pasta ($14), which was tossed in a spicy tomato base.



Using the Entertainment coupon, we enjoyed a one for one set of pie and pot of tea. We took some time to settle for 3 pies (oh choices, choices). The Gryphon Moscato Blanc (grape) an Aloe Vera Rooibos ($6 each) complemented the sweet pies well.

For adults only, the Banana Almond Brittle ($7) is a symphony of cognac cream, airy banana mousse on a almond brittle base. Salted caramel and crunchy nuts and another dimension in flavor and texture.  Although I am not a fan of banana, I was quite fond of this particular pie.


Designed to represent a field, White Chocolate Truffle Pie ($8) was quite a complex explosion of flavors. A tango of sweet white chocolate and woody truffle, graced by a layer of cookie crumble and meringue (which represented soil and a mushroom respectively). Personally, the raisins and candied thyme kinda spoilt it for me. Upon biting into each raisin, the truffle flavour was overwhelmed and the candied thyme was just weird. Too many things going on at the same time IMHO.


Awake your senses with face-scrunching tartness of the Strawberry Lemon Pie ($7), completed with soft torched meringue. Tangy and refreshing, it’s a perfect perk-me-up in Singapore’s sweltering heat.


Windowsill Pies
95 Soo Choo Walk
Tel: 90047827

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