Staccato, Ecco and Aldo Footware

Hi girls! Today I shall be doing a shoe post (it’s been ages since I did one) on the kicks I have purchased during the last couple of months. Most are super comfy while some are a pain to wear.

The first five pairs are from my all time favorite brand Staccato from Hong Kong.

Snake skin print leather heels slithered its way into my heart. Its edgy, it’s wild, it’s bold and easily noticed. A wardrobe classic, these versatile heels can substitute nude shoes. I like to pair these with a simple, single hue outfit to let the shoes take centre-stage. Comfort rating: 6/10.



Bejeweled suede flats with leather lining and plush details add that touch of luxe. These are the kind of shoes that make you feel special. The deep blue and maroon shade is unique but difficult to match with outfits; at the moment I have only 2 dresses can go with this pair. I wish Staccato could do away with the maroon patch of suede at the heel area as it stains stockings and foot covers. Comfort rating 10/10



Dazzling suede sneakers that will take any casual outfit to the next level. Rhinestones can be replaced by Staccato if they fall off. Comfort rating 9/10 (they are rather heavy)


Whimsical blue heels with chic rose gold cap-toe. Kinda regret this buy as it’s too high for me (not skilled at trotting around in heels). Comfort level 2/10



Endlessly versatile and sexy suede leather nude strappy heels. Comfort level 9/10.


Sporty pink Mary Jane from Danish label Ecco that will brighten up any day. I’m adverse to exercise so got this in hopes that it’ll encourage me to be more active (didn’t work, haha). Its anatomical foot bed matches the nuance and curves of the barefoot. Comfort level 10/10



These soft leather sandals from Ecco at the epitome of comfort. The stitching and quality are superb! Comfort level 10/10.




Classy, luxe tall boots in lustrous leather with bronze buckle detail from Canadian brand Aldo. Unlike pull-on boots, the zip design makes it a breeze to tuck jeans comfortably inside. Comfort level 10/10.


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