Mikuni Set Lunch

It’s not every day one can indulge in Mikuni’s epicurean dinners. Thankfully, exquisite Japanese restaurant’s set lunches help satisfy cravings (until the next special occasion) without breaking the bank. Priced from $65-$120, the sets allow diners a taste of Mikuni’s signature dishes, perfect for the mid-day recharge or for corporate diners seeking to impress clients. Amex Platinum card holders and Far Card members can enjoy 50% off the total bill (2 diners only).


Since I have blogged about Mikuni before (click here for degustation dinner review), I’ll move straight to the splendid food.

Complimentary paper-thin prawn crackers coated with spices tantalizes our anticipating taste buds.


All sets include a refreshing organic salad drizzled with Mikuni Original dressing.


From the Robatayaki counter, the King Prawn Lunch ($80) was slightly disappointing. Grilled over Japanese charcoal that is made from oak branches, the conveniently deshelled crustacean was a tad too dry and tough. The saving grace was its distinctive charcoal flavor; it’s even better when paired with the spicy lemony sauce, which brightening the whole taste profile. Grilled vegetables, brilliantly smooth chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles and fluffy rice completes the set.



Australian Beef and Ebi Ougon Set ($80). Succulent teppanyaki prawns blanketed in golden sauce made from egg, mustard, shoyu and sesame, adorned with heaps of tobiko. The sauce is rather rich but does not mask the sweetness of the prawns. Irresistibly juicy and tender is the Australian tenderloin, with a beautiful pink center. You can opt for beef sirloin instead of tenderloin.




Awake your senses with a burst of zing from the citrusy flavor imparted from the yuzu butter dousing fresh, plump Hokkaido scallops. While M felt the Hotate Mentaiko ($28) was too sour, I reveled in its tanginess.



Included in the set lunch was this intense Espresso ice cream glittered with chocolate crumble.


Finally, petite fours arrived in the form of green tea chocolate and red bean jelly. Nothing too fancy, but nevertheless a satisfactory end to a meal.



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Bras Basah Road
Tel: 64316156

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