Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Complimentary Lunch Options

Lunch at the complimentary dining venues were…well, rather lackluster compared to breakfast and dinner. This is especially evident at the Main Dining Room, where lunch is a simple affair. Unlike dinner where you are assigned a fixed table with family and friends only, during lunch, you’ll have to seat with other guests. Nice if you like to socialize, but it can be awkward for some.


Menu mainly consisted of western dishes, with a couple of Asian selections. Quite a number of misses; some dishes were sloppily prepared. Again, you can order as much as you wish from the menu.


Mushroom Soup could have been better if it was a more intense.


Royal Caesar Salad. So well-dressed that even those adverse to salads would be happy wolfing this down.


Fried Chicken Tenders with potato and cucumber salad. Lacked crispsiness and meat was too dry.


Overdone hard-as-a-rock grilled open Steak Sandwich on toasted garlic rye bread, topped with a single fried egg.


Nasi Goreng. Fluffy and flavorsome Indonesian fried rice with chicken and shrimp served with chicken satay skewer and soft fried egg.


Singapore Noodles tossed with chicken and shrimp.


Chicken and wild Mushroom Pappardelle, tossed with garlic and tomato.


Apple Parcel with calvados crème anglaise and vanilla ice cream wasn’t aesthetically presented.


Tsk tsk! Ice cream melted to this extent should not be served at all.


White chocolate and orange flan– beautifully creamy with just the right balance between the 2 flavors.


I was less fond of the pitifully normal Strawberry Napoleon, which peculiarly reminded me of strawberry jam.


Lunching at Windjammer Café is chaotic. It’s jammed packed with guests, and having people standing next to our table waiting for us to finish was stressful and unpleasant. Hence, we prefer having our mid-day meal at the Main Dining Room.


Food-wise, flavors were one-dimensional, akin to those you get in a budget buffet. However, the variety is commendable.







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2 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Complimentary Lunch Options

  1. Kelynn


    Your blog on this mariner of seas is so informative!
    I am booking a trip too in dec.. may i ask if the breakfast and lunch at the main dining place need reservations? Cos carribean only says to book my dinner time through my time dining.. didnt mention any breakfast and lunch thou.

    And there is character theme breakfast? As Im bringing my children..


    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Glad that my blogposts helps, Kelynn.
      Breakfast and lunch at the main dining room does not reservations.
      There is a charater themed breakfast. You’ll have to call in to book. According to Alvinology, its FOC but go early to snag the best seats near the stage
      Perhaps you’d like to visit his blog for more details abt the cruise from a parent’s perspective
      Afterall I dont have kids (yet!) so am not aware of children related activities/details


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