Giovanni’s Table

Satisfy your Italian cravings at Giovanni’s Table, a casual family-style trattoria. If you would only like to try one Specialty Dining restaurant, I’d say pick Giovanni’s table. Personally, I prefer Giovanni’s Table over Chops Grille, as I find the former’s food more refined. And definitely more elegant than the dishes served in the Main Dining Room.


Further inside the restaurant, there are more tables that can accommodate larger groups. Its USD $15 per person for lunch, including gratuities. Excellent value for money, since you can order as much as you desire. And 2 thumbs up for the impeccable service.


Skip the bread.


Baked Eggplant Parmigiana Italian style. A healthy tasting, zingy starter.


Fried Shrimp, calamari, fish fillets and zucchini with aioli. Deep-fried, coated with crunchy batter, yet not at all oily. Now put away your bathroom scales and just indulge!


Traditional Meat Lasagna. Do you also think that there is something marvelous about the mixture of oozing cheese, Bolognese sauce and pasta sheets in the mouth?


Traditional Risotto made of Arborio rice and forest mushrooms, finished with porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade. It’s hard to go wrong with earthy mushrooms accompanied with the distinctive woody aroma of truffle. Best to share as its quite rich.


Baked jumbo shrimp, garlic tossed potatoes, baby zucchini and asparagus. Although the shrimps were not swimmingly fresh, I thoroughly enjoyed the classic combinations of these ingredients put together.


Pan-fried to the right degree of brown and crisps while still keeping the interior flesh moist flaky and tender, the Sole Fillets in lemon butter sauce was a delight our palates. Sautéed garlic zucchini and onion braised potatoes complete the dish.


Such a glorious pasta , the Taglierini was perfectly al-dente. Tossed with cherry tomatoes, calamari, bay scallops and pesto.


Enticing desserts arrived on a trolley.


Do not miss the Tiramisu! It’ dense, moist and each bite fills the mouth with a heavenly explosion of coffee, chocolate, alcoholic and cream flavors. Needless to say, I instantly regretted not saving enough stomach space for this outstanding dessert.



Oh and yes, it was my birthday and Hubby planned a surprise 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks Dear!







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