The Handburger

At the Handburger, everything is handmade from scratch and hence the name. Buns are baked on site, sauces freshly whipped up, patties made omitting fillers, MSG, preservatives or artificial flavorings. It’s located within The Soup Spoon Union, which also houses The Soup Spoon and Soup Broth Asia Noodle Bar. Diners have the flexibility to order from all 3 different concepts.


After placing our orders and making payment, we were given a tracking device so that staff can locate us to serve our meals


THB Original Deluxe ($15.80 ala carte, $17.80 set with one side) with chips. The Handburger makes their beef patties with 100% New Zealand grass-fed cattle. While the star ingredient was good, execution was sadly disappointing. The beef patty was too dry and the caramelized onions overwhelmingly sweet. The additional side bacon ($2.50) tasted slightly burnt as it was overcooked to the point of hardness. Chips were lackluster as well.



Adorned with single grilled mushroom, the Chicken Cajun Cordon Bleu ($15.80 ala carte, $16.80 set with one side) fared much better. Embedded within the succulent chicken is melted, creamy cheese which is soft and has a nice pull. Robust flavor and mild heat from the cajun spice was a welcomed twist to the ubiquitous cordon bleu.



Apart from beef and chicken burgers, other options include duck confit, dory fish, portobello mushroom and vegetarian burgers.

Now, for desserts! The Flourless Chocolate Cake ($8.50) was decadent and intense, just the way I like it. Perched on top is a scoop of Vanilla ice cream that helps balance out cake’s richness


Carrot walnut cake $4.20 was acceptable.


Tearamisu ($5.80) arrived in a cute jar. I digged in with anticipation but my happiness was short-lived. The matcha-infused sponge fingers portion was meager hence overwhelmed by mascarpone. The dessert tasted well, like mascarpone cheese.


Overall, presentation and portions were appetizing, but we felt that taste and quality was average only.

The Handburger
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63344577

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