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UNA at One Rochester launches an enhanced menu, passionately designed by Executive Chef Jean-Phillppe Patruno to embody the flavours of his heritage. Raised in France by an Italian father and Spanish mother, Chef JP presents a one-of-a-kind experience, with distinctly unique flavours paying tribute to of his multi-cultural heritage.

Set in a an oasis of lush greenery frames with white trellises, there’s no doubt that UNA is the perfect place for a romantic date, or a relaxing end to the day. Indoor seating is available for peeps who need air-conditioning.




The venue is equally stunning during the day.



We started our evening with 2 appealing signature cocktails- Bastille ($20) comprises of gin, hibiscus, Maraschino, Amaranto, fresh lemon juice while Champs de Fraise ($19) encompasses strawberry infused cognac, fresh lemon juice and sparkling wine.


The Iberico Ham Croquette ($14) took us by surprised with its creamy, melt in the mouth, soufflé textured bechamel mashed potatoes. Embedded within each golden sphere are bits of Iberico ham, which gave the croquettes addictive savoury punches.


Amazingly soft and tender was the Grilled Octopus ($22), brimming with charred smoky flavour. Beneath the tentacles, is a bed of pan-fried Ratte potatoes, with bursts of zest imparted from capers. The elements went very well together and we were totally charmed by this tapas.


A medley of wonderful flavours, the Grilled Mussels ($18) are doused in a robust broth based on a secret recipe. To prepare this dish, fresh Bouchon Mussels are placed in a pot and inserted into a pile of apple wood charcoal. Pine nuts are added to provide a contrast to the intense garlic broth with its subtle sweet nuttiness.


Incredibly juicy and tender, the Pluma Iberica ($33) was beyond words. We appreciated how straightforward the chef approached the shoulder of the Iberico Pig- skilfully grilled over apple wood charcoal with smoky sweet marinade. The result is carefully browned surface while maintaining a pinkish tone inside. The sublime dish was made completed with silky smoked mashed potatoes and pickled capsicum.



The standard of desserts we sampled were consistent with the earlier dishes. You got to be crazy to say no to Churros & Chocolat ($12). Lovingly handcrafted fluted sticks had marvellous texture- crisps on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside. Dusted with cinnamon, the churros were accompanied with homemade honey ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.


It may take you a few mouthfuls to fully investigate the delights of Bitter Chocolat Ice Cream, Olive Oil and Sea Salt ($12). A play on textures, smooth bitter chocolate ice cream nests atop rosemary sea salt soil, drizzled with olive oil, and garnished with paper-thin tuiles. Indeed, a good chocolate dessert does wonders for the soul. However do note that this may not appeal to fans of sweet chocolate.


If you’re in search of an affordable dinner with quality ingredients and dedicated execution, set in an tranquil venue with impeccable service, UNA should be at the top of your list.

Much love to Carolyn and UNA for the invite.

UNA at One Rochester
1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Tel: 6773 0070


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