With increasingly hectic schedules, the modern woman needs to up her game! Save precious time with Browtisan’s eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions. Even without makeup, one can leave home feeling confident.



Indeed, the eyes are the windows to the soul! But what’s pretty eyes without the right framing? At Browtisan, carefully selected and trained staff will design a pair of natural-looking  brows custom-made especially for you. One can also have lash extensions to accentuate the peepers.

The newly-opened salon is owned by Coco, a veteran in the brow and facial grooming industry with 20 years of experience. Passionate about every brow stroke and every piece of lash, Coco and her staff are aestheticians in their craft. To aid precision, Swiss microscopic amplification technology is used to enable crystal clear vision for detailed work.

To start, Coco applied numbing cream and an occlusive dressing to aid penetration. I was ushered into a comfy room to begin the lash extension service while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect.  My lashes are not sparse, hence sceptical me wonder how much difference there will be. Little did I know I was in for a surprise.




After using heat to curl my upper lashes and tape to prevent the bottom lashes from getting in the way, Coco embarked on the hour-long  painstaking process, during which, I dosed off into a comfortable slumber. Unlike some salons which attach lashes by bundles, Browtisan does it by each lash, so that one wouldn’t be left with a gaping hole should the lash bundle drop off. The second benefit of attaching lash by lash? The finish is more natural.





As I wear glasses at work, Coco recommended lashes in length 9 and 11 (can go up to 13). L- curved lashes were used for more prominence (the other option is C-curve).


Here’s what my lashes look like after Coco worked her magic 🙂 The lashes will last for 4 weeks

before eye lash

After eye lash 2

After eye lash 3

After eye lash 1

Now, for some tender loving care for my brows. Coco explain her technique using these moulds. Unlike just colouring in (see right), Coco’s brows are drawn in by strokes (see left), for a natural look.


Coco designs the ideal brows to suit my round face.


Using a dark brow shade, Coco meticulously crafts my brows, first with me lying down and later  sitting up. It’s important to perform the final touches while sitting up as one’s face shape is different when lying down. Its painless, but having a blade scratching my brows was a new experience for me, so I was rather squirmish. Thankfully, the process only lasted 10-15 minutes.



Letting the dye set in


Before picture and my final look:) Notice the shape and tail end of the brows are more defined?

before eye brow


For the next 5-7 days, the brows should not touch water and the after-care gel needs to be applied regularly. A brush is provided to comb the lashes daily .


My look after 1 week. Absolutely no makeup on the brows or mascara on the lashes. Needless to say, I’m very pleased.

After eye brow 1

after eye brow

Browtisan has kindly extended a 10% discount to my readers, valid until 31st Dec 2014.


Many thanks to Agnes (AT Marketing Consultancy) for invite, Nikki for the pictures and Coco for the treatments

402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Tel: 6232 2355
Eyebrow Embroidery from $1380 Onwards
Lash Extension from $98 Onwards
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  1. Cherie

    I have always been curious about the difference in erabelle and browtisan. I read that you have done both.. which is better in your opinion? Can share? Thanks in advance!

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Cherie

      The look after Erabelle’s embroidery is like filling in the brows with an eyebrow pencil whereas for Browtisan, the embroidery strokes mimic the hairs on the brows. It depends which look you prefer.

      For me, I find both satisfactory, but hoped that Erabelle’s could last longer than 6 months. It’s been one a month after the Browtisan embroidery so its too early for me to comment how long lasting it is.


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