Nyala Beach Club and Grill

During the day, Nyala Beach Club and Grill is a laid-back spot to have light lunches while admiring the gorgeous pool and sweeping palms. Once darkness fall, it transforms into a romantic venue with a fancy menu, perfect for special occasions. Despite the easy-going charm, diners can expect a feast not just for the stomach, but for the soul.




Service here is superb! Always attentive yet not the least bit intrusive. What impressed us was how accommodating the staff and chef were. As my FIL had certain dietary requirements, the chef whipped up bespoke pastas for him. We were so pleased with the food and service that we visited twice.

Lunch menu was a simple one-pager with cafe-style small bites, salads, sandwiches and larger plates.


Marinated Kalamata Olives with chilli and garlic (Rp 75,000)


Fish Spaghetti (Rp 140,000)


Put away your bathroom scales and just indulge! Deep-fried, coated with crunchy batter, the generously-sized Fish and Chips (Rp 120,000) did not disappoint. Accompanied with lime and caper mayonnaise.


Goodness packed in a cup, the Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Rp, 40,000) was sensational and creamy, with the perfect balance between sweet and salty.


Dinner is a sophisticated, fine dining affair with delicacies such as foie gras, wagyu, toro and lobsters to satisfy the most discerning palates.


Ah… decisions, decisions! While we were immersed in the complex menu. the bread basket arrived with crisp baguettes, along with a column of salted butter and sour cream dip


White Seafood Soup (Rp 145,000)- a robust crustacean broth with whipped saffron cream, pernod, plump scallops and prawns with a crunch that can only come from being fresh.


Chilled Dressed Crab (Rp 150,000). Chunks of handpicked crabmeat were shredded to the thinnest, drizzled with sweet dressing, accompanied with lime jelly, romaine and tarragon aioli. Crabmeat, picked by hand, ensures the flavour of the flesh remains unadulterated. This contrasts with crabmeat which have been machine processed, which has detrimental effects on the flavour. Unfortunately, the dressing was overwhelming, which masked the natural sweetness of the crustacean.


Part of the 3-course Lobster Dinner Set Menu (approximately SGD 80), the Poached Lobster the Mango Salad was refreshing, uncomplicated yet lip-smacking. The thin slices of flesh had an interesting slippery smooth texture. It’s bliss with every bite, or rather, slurp.


A feast for the eyes, and taste buds, the Grilled Bamboo Lobster left us yearning for more. Blanketed with cheese with a sprinkle of salt, lies fresh meat laced with smokiness and char, yet retaining its sweetness and suppleness. The luxurious main was completed with poached apples( queer combi that didn’t sit well with me), rice cone and garnished with flowers.


Oh yes, a nice steak dinner! Accompanied with shallots, rocket crumble and salsa verde, the Wagyu Tenderloin (Rp 290,000), wowed us with its juicy, tender and full-flavored meat.


Crabmeat Spaghetti (Rp 140,000), tossed with heaps of succulent crabmeat. The tomato sauce had a kick of of heat, which made it all the more enticing.


Instead of the Raspberry and Vanilla Calfoutis included in the Lobster Set Menu, I swapped it for a decadent Chocolate Dessert (Rp 100,000).Yes, I am that blatant for my love of chocolate! A play on temperatures and textures, the seductive sweet course consisted of pulsating hot lava, pudding, cold mousse, sorbet and crackles.



We rounded off the dinner with Hot Chocolate and petite fours-Pineapple Jelly, White Chocolate, Blueberry Macaron and Chocolate Praline-which were part of the Lobster Set Dinner.



Nyala Beach Club and Grill
Fairmont Bali
Jalan Kusuma Sari No 8
Indonesia 80227

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