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It takes time, effort and the right products to achieve flawless, smooth skin. Get a head start with cult organic skincare line from Canada, Yum Gourmet Skincare, now available at beaute by Kew. Holding true to its philosophy that earth provides all the required ingredients to maintain excellent health, Yum Gourmet Skincare harnesses Mother Nature’s goodness into exquisite skincare products.

To ensure even the most sensitive skin is gently cared for, the formulation team with over 40 years of experience selects the finest botanical ingredients, meticulously harvested, handcrafted and processed to extract the most significant skincare benefits.

So here’s the before picture-skin is dull and sallow with impurities embedded within pores.


The facial started with a creamy Beta Carotene Cleanser, which gently washes away impurities without the use of harsh chemical irritants and surfactants. Beta Carotene repairs and protects sensitive skin against UV damage while Cucumber Extract soothes and cools to reduce redness, and promote healthy circulation.

Double cleanse was performed with Vitamin A Pumpkin Cleanse, a refreshing cleanser containing Vitamin A and beta carotene, both potent anti-oxidants which fortify cellular matrix. Pumpkin provides surface-reducing lipids and essential oils, which supply the skin nutrients. Antimicrobial clove and cinnamon lends its aroma to the anti-aging formula.


Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant was used to prep the skin for extraction and absorption of subsequent products. For centuries, Adzuki Beans have been an integral element in Japanese beauty regimens, acting as a gentle exfoliant, while drawing out oils with its natural astringent effect. Super fruit Blueberry revitalizes and brightens skin. After the thorough yet painless extraction, a refreshing Lemongrass Tonic was patted on. Apart from lemongrass, the toner also features a myriad of herbal extracts such as Organic Green Tea Leaf, Coneflower, Licorice Root to effectively tone without stripping or excessive drying.



With skilled strokes, the therapist performed a lifting facial massage with luxurious combination of Green Tea Calming Serum and Nori Mango Butter Masque. Lightweight and nourishing, the Green Tea Calming Serum also contains Panthothenic Acid (mushroom-source) and Black Tea, which further enhance the product’s antioxidant properties. Rich in Vitamin C and Organic Seaweed Extract, as well as Brazilian Fruit Butter, Shea butter and an array of active oils, the Nori Mango Butter Masque injects moisture and rejuvenates lack-luster skin. I slipped into a deep state of relaxation amidst the natural aroma from the skincare and soothing massage.

After the pampering facial massage, the therapist worked on the décolletage, shoulders and back with the Massage Crème containing jojoba oil, gotu kola, pearl and milk. The therapist meticulously loosened all the knots in my tensed shoulders and neck.


To brighten and hydrate sullen complexion, a unique gel-based Chia Seed Masque was generously slathered on. Comprising of a cocktail of potent botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Mushroom extracts, Vitamin E, Pomegranate Oil and Chia Seeds, the revitalizing and age-defying treatment imparts a healthy glow.


To round off the facial, Assai Black Raspberry Serum, Sunflower Seed Soufflé and Rooibos & Green Tea Eye Gel were applied for the finishing touch. Assai Black Raspberry Serum is rich in Black Raspberry, Assai Palm Fruits Oils, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 and Saccharomyces Lystate (Biodynes 03). These botanicals encourage collagen synthesis and fight visible signs of again. Sunflower Seed Soufflé hydrates, protect and improve skin texture with its concoction of Vitamins A, D, E combo, alongside with mango butter and olive oil. To combat fine lines that appear in the eye zone, Rooibos & Green Tea Eye Gel feature Mushroom Biocomplex, Seaweed, Eyebright, Rooibos and Green Tea to enhance cellular activity while hydrating fine lines, plumping up the eye area.


Much love to beauty by Kew for clear, radiant and supple skin XD


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