Chinese New Year @ Gu Ma Jia

Now that Christmas is over, there’s no doubt many of us are looking forward to more feasting during Chinese New Year. To usher in the festivities and celebrate their 5th anniversary, Gu Ma Jia has launched several delectable new dishes.


Gu Ma’s passion for food and cooking is evident in her home-style fare; every meal here brings warmth and comfort to the soul.


Boiled for 6 hours with salted fish head, Chinese ham, pork ribs, peanuts and fresh bean curd, the Gu Ma Signature Bean Curd Soup ($28) is not only tasty, but nourishing as well.


Nesting in a crisp melt-in-the -mouth yam ring, each piece of tender Kyoto Pork Ribs ($30) was cooked to delicious shade of golden brown.  I love how the yam complements the pork ribs, which were coated evenly with bold sauce. This could have been perfect of the meat was a little more tender.


The unassuming Lala Mee Fen ($18) wowed us with its lip-smacking flavors. No judgment if you’d like a second serving.


Using only the freshest crustaceans, the XO Prawn Noodles ($36) deserves 2 thumbs up. Its spicy XO-spiked soup is exhilaratingly intense and robust. As the broth bathed our tongues, we slurped at the slippery egg noodles, which were cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of bite.


Prepared with premium Chinese wine, tender pork slices, black fungus and sesame oil, the homely Claypot Pork in Sesame Oil  ($15/$23/$30) was bliss with every mouthful.


We also sampled 2 Chinese New Year dishes. The alluring aroma of the Herbal Chicken ($48.80) captivated our senses from afar. What we immensely enjoyed-the rich broth and moist flesh, infused with herbs.


Encased in Lotus leaves, the fragrant Lotus Leaves Rice ($32.80) is competently executed-every grain is soft and flavorsome.


Chinese New Year set menus and ala carte dishes will be available from 5th Feb to 5th March 2015. You’ll be pleased to know that there is no GST or service charge. Delivery service is available at $30 per location.


Many thanks to Gu Ma and Agnes (AT Marketing Consultancy) for the scrumptious dinner 🙂

Gu Ma Jia
45 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347866
Tel: 6285 2023

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