Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery Touch Up

Back at Browtisan to touch up my brows! The founder, Coco, is a veteran in the eyebrow and facial grooming industry with 20 years of experience. Coco and her staff are aestheticians in their craft-each brow stroke is performed with passion and skill. Find out more from my detailed review here


Here’s my before picture. Due to scabbing and shedding, some portions of the brow look uneven, hence touch up is necessary. This is a normal occurrence for eyebrow embroidery.


To start, numbing cream was applied with an occlusive dressing to aid penetration.


After 30 minutes, the cream was wiped away and Coco proceeded to design my brows.



I was ushered into the comfy treatment room.


This time, I was more relaxed during the embroidery process. Using a light brown shade, Coco meticulously crafted the brows. To aid precision, Swiss microscopic amplification technology is used to enable crystal clear vision for detailed work. It’s not painful; I’d describe the sensation as having a blade scratch against the skin.



After a couple of strokes, I sat up for the final touches. It’s important to be seated for this last step, as one’s face shape is different while lying down.


The final look. Thanks to these gorgeous brows, I’m receiving loads of compliments at work XD


Much love to Coco and Agnes (AT Marketing Consultancy) for the invite.

402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Tel: 6232 2355
Eyebrow Embroidery from $1380 Onwards

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2 thoughts on “Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery Touch Up

  1. Leen

    Do I have to request for Coco or she only does the eyebrow design and the rest are done by her staff ? Does the price of of $1380 include the touch up?

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Leen

      You have to request for Coco and there maybe an additional charge,
      I cant rememeber the details so it would be best to call them to check
      I’ve gotta say though, the Browtisan’s brows are very lasting, its been 7 months and my brows still look good. Previously I got my brows done at Erabelle and after 6 months, it faded away, so I had to get them done again


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