It’s impossible not to be impressed by Equinox’s spectacular views and dramatic woody décor. Located on the seventieth floor of Swissotel, the fine dining establishment is the perfect venue for a romantic meal.


Bestie and I initially wanted a window seat but upon learning it cost $20 more, we changed our minds as we’d rather spend that money on desserts. Service was attentive, although we had a very hard time understanding our host due to his strong accent.




Complimentary bread (not warm though) came with seaweed and unsalted butter. The Onion Cheese bread and Olive Focaccia were yummy but I recommend skipping the Baguette.


Amuse bouche was Salty Melon and Coconut Cream canapé. It was nice, but quite sweet, something I’d rather have for dessert.


Nesting on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes were plump and juicy Hand-dived Scottish Scallops ($36), lightly seasoned to highlight its freshness. The appetizer was glittered with bone marrow crumbs, shallots and red tosaka seaweed which elevated the dish.


It’s hard to resist these Jumbo Crab Cakes ($32). Dig into the crisps golden patties to savour chucks of succulent flesh. What I liked-minimal fillers, acidic tomato marmalade that lightens the taste profile and Remoulade sauce which breaks the monotony.


OH YES, a nice steak dinner. Bestie had 28 day aged Grainfed Prime Angus Tenderloin ($90 for 220g) from Creekstone Farms, further accented with black truffle butter. Holding its own, is sidekick Black Truffle Macaroni Cheese-our tastebuds revel in the abudance of flavour.



Getting my omega-3s with Equinox’s Miso Roasted Black Cod ($75) J I love the oiliness and fattiness of a good fillet of cod, but unfortunately the flavors were unbalanced-miso was cloyingly sweet while pickled vegetables were intensely sour.


The beautifully plated Grand Assiette of Desserts ($55 for two) is an excellent way to round up a meal, perfect for gluttons or the fickle-minded.


The best of both worlds meet in this rich Peanut Butter Parfait with Milk Chocolate. The paper thin caramel tuile offers a crisps contrast to the smooth, melt-in-the-mouth parfait. I thoroughly enjoyed the dense yet soft Vanilla Cheesecake, which paired well with the zesty cherry sorbet.


The Rose Baked Alaska (if I remember correctly) did not make an impression while the Warm Banana Cake was rather boring, despite efforts to spruce it up with coconut passion fruit cream and yuzu meringue. Out of the dessert sampler, it was Poached William Pear with lemongrass sorbet which captivated us with its theatrical presentation and appealing blend of flavors.


The food at Equinox was generally above average (with some misses), but it didn’t wow us. Bestie and I agreed that the experience didn’t warrant the hefty price tag but thankfully with American Platinum Credit Card, we saved 50% off the steep bill.

Equinox Restaurant
Level 70 Swissotel The Stamford
2 Stamford Road

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