Chinese New Year @ Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion welcomes the bountiful year of the Goat with inaugural Lunar New Year dishes. Recognized for its contemporary Cantonese delicacies and classic, Royal Pavilion is set to wow diners with its fine Chinese New Year Creations.

Located on the ground floor of Park Regis, the restaurant’s ambiance itself is impressive – regal golds, warm woods, plush chairs and a dazzling chandelier position right above a semi-private dining room.


The obligatory Yu Sheng is aesthetically presented in the auspicious form of a fish. Embellishing the fresh vegetables are Canadian salmon slices and unique condiments such as roasted peanuts, ground cinnamon powder, 5-spice Chinese powder, toasted sesame seeds, ground pepper and olive oil, drizzled with the brand’s fruity apple plum sauce. A small (4-6 guests) Royal Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng is priced at $68++ while the large (6-8 guest) goes for $88++. Its available for both dine-in and takeaway (1-day advance order required).



Perched atop freshly-made heavenly soft bean curd and spinach, is a luxurious 4-head South African Abalone, made even more awesomerrific by the accompanying collagen-rich pumpkin broth. The Braised 4-Head South African Abalone in Superior Pumpkin Broth ($68++) is available for both dine-in and takeaway (1-day advance order required).


Served on a grand marble slab, the Royal Fried Lamb Shank ($48++) is prepared with ingredients such as fermented beancurd (nanru), coriander, Chinese rock sugar along with soya sauce, star anise and cinnamon, making it truly Cantonese. The meat is shredded and complemented with sliced spring onions, hoisin sauce, coriander, and sliced cucumber, rolled in a handcrafted wrap. Some may find the meat a tad gamey, but I had no issues and enjoyed it. This is available for dine-in only and requires a 1-day advance order.



If you’re a fan of duck, run, don’t walk. Yes, this glistening, succulent Royal Smoked Duck is absolutely sensational! Young ducks are skillfully roasted till the skin is paper-thin crisp, then smoked with lychee wood chips and tea leaves for that magical flavor. So good that it’s a torture to share!


I am not a fan of Nian Gao. Too often, I’ve had cloying sweet and oily Nian Gao that sticks all over the teeth. Royal Pavilions’ Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake won me over easily with its subtle sweetness and elegant chewy texture.


The second dessert we sampled was just as appealing. The Deep Fried Three Layer Rice Cake consists of chewy nian gao sandwich between Japanese sweet potato and taro. I love the harmonious combination of the simple ingredients, as well as the crispy exterior, which elevated the texture of this treat.


Chinese New Year Creations at Royal Pavilion are available from 9th Feb to 5th March 2015. Prices start from $5.80++ for a la carte dine-in creations and $18+ for takeaways. If you’ve not decided where to have your CNY feast, Royal Pavilion is a fantastic choice.

PS: I was so pleased with the dining experience at Royal Pavilion, that I’ve already made a reservation for my birthday. Looking forward to try their dim sum and savour the smoked duck again 🙂

Much love to Hui Fen and Royal Pavilion for the invite. 

Royal Pavilion
Park Regis Singapore
23 Merchant Road
Level 1
Tel: 6818 8851

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