Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment @ HAACH

It’s essential not to neglect your complexion during busy Lunar New Year festivities! Banish fine lines and dull skin with HAACH’s Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment.


Established in Singapore in 1997, HAACH has grown into an award-winning, recognised brand in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. Guest can expect relaxing treatments with visible results

After filling up a form on my skin condition, I was ushered into  a contemporary  monotone room for the facial.


Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment  is an advanced anti-aging technology which uses a new scientific breakthrough ingredient, Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples. It’s suitable for all skin types and aims to:

-Stimulate and accelerates regeneration process
-Extend protection for skin cells under UV exposure
-Boost the production of skin steam cells by protecting skin from stress and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.
-Contains unique anti-wrinkle peptide which compensated the defects of botox.
-Instant Aqua firming effect to enable you to rediscover luminous natural beauty of your skin
-Gently exfoliate dull, congested skin and promotes skin renewal.
-Boost collagen production and plump up facial lines, as well as restore elasticity and hydration to unhealthy ages skin.

The facial started a double-cleanse with HAACH products, followed by a diamond peel to gently remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.



The treated area is noticeably less clogged compared to the untreated side of the face.


After extraction and eyebrow trimming, the Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment was performed. The treated side is visibly more refined.



Finally a thick mask was applied to the skin and I was whisked to deep slumber with a relaxing shoulder and neck massage.


Viola! My brightened complexion that feels luxriously soft and baby smooth 🙂 The facial took 60 minute and is perfect for busy ladies who need a quick rejuvenation and evident results.


Much love to Agnes (AT Marketing) and HAACH for the pampering and beautiful skin 🙂

HAACH @ M Hotel
61 Anson Road
Level 11
Tel: 6223 5885

HAACH @ Orcharh Central
Orchard Central Shopping Centre
181 Orchard Road
Unit 03-10/11
Tel: 6238 0123


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