Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

Finally mustered some energy to blog; have been sleeping like a baby post-op as my body needs to grow new bone. This post is quite late, but I believe it’ll be still useful, especially since steamboat ingredients are more or less the same during and after Chinese New Year. Plus this review may help with your Chinese New Year feast planning next year 🙂



Due to some miscommunication, I’d the impression that CNY Eve’s dinner was already arranged. My MIL called a day before CNY eve asking me where will we be having CNY dinner. Needless to say, many frantic calls were made only to find that either most restaurants were already fully booked, or not even opened. Then I remembered Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant (Ion), a venue that seduced us with its mouth-watering aroma each time we waited for our table to be ready at Taste Paradise next door. Fortunately, they had tables available in their second seating.

The restaurant is clean, comfortable and frills-free. I expected the decor to be more elaborate, since its entrance looks grand and impressive.


Our server promptly brought a tray of 12 condiments and gave us time to concoct our own dipping sauce. I mixed up a conservative garlic, chilli and soy sauce blend. As you can see, Hubby’s more adventurous.



Fatt Choy Salmon Yu Sheng was simple, yet appetizing. It was  too dry at first, but easily fixed with another bowl of plum sauce.



We had Traditional Pork Bone Soup and Sichuan Spicy Soup. The 3rd option was Chicken Soup. Broths are made daily from scratch and simmered for hours. The Sichuan Spicy Soup was bold and  fiery! It was way too spicy for me so I ate from the pork bone soup base only. Hubby felt that the Sichuan Spicy soup was very shiok though.


Ingredients are very fresh and of superb quality, as evident in the pictures. During CNY, only set meals are available, and one cannot order from the a la carte menu, which was disappointing as I was craving for bamboo shoots and fish balls.  Our set included Live prawns, Sliced Abalone, Empress Clam, Fish Maw, USA Diced Marble Beef, Prawn Balls, Pork Balls, Vegetable & Pork Wanton, Shrimp Dumplings, Fresh Cuttle Fish Noodles, Deep Fried Fish Skin, Deep Fried Beancurd Skin, Assorted Vegetables, Silky Beancurd and Inaiwa Udon.















We rounded off the meal with pleasant Sweetened Red Dates & Dried Longan Soup with Glutinous Dumplings.


At $428++ for 4 pax, its exorbitant but its CNY after all, and splurging is warranted (no choice also), especially when we could all have a good time over quality food. The usual Set menus are comparatively much more affordable at $168++ or $228++ for 4 pax.

A little rant- Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant’s deposit policy inconvenience customers. A 50% deposit have to made IN PERSON. I had work until 10pm so had hubby had to rush there after work to place the deposit, in order to secure a table. The management should consider using forms that allow customers to fill up thier details and credit card numer to make payment.  Many other restaurants have this practice during festive periods.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
ION Orchard #04-09/10
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6636 9339

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