Last week, I attended the ALCINA’s launch event, hosted by the German skincare and makeup brand and online beauty store Luxola.

Hailing from Bielefld, Germany, ALCINA was founded by dermatologist Dr Kurt Wolff around the middle of the 20th century. The brand’s goal is to provide caring cosmetics for all ages, that not only enhance appearance, but also the skin’s well-being.

For the event, ALCINA flew their makeup artist, Ms Frouka, all the way from Germany. She shared about ALCINA’s products and skilfully performed makeovers for 2 of participants. The results were awesome!





I had the opportunity to try several ALCINA products. I was absolutely enchanted by the Miracle Eye Shadow ($37.95). Not only was the eye shadow highly pigmented and finely milled, its colour also changes slightly depending on the tools used to apply it. I was skeptical about this special feature initially, but after Ms Frouka’s demonstration, I was blown away!





We were gifted with Hyaluron Gel 2.0 ($74.95) and Sun Kiss Powder ($49.95). The former is a powerful restorative skincare that binds large amounts of moisture to hydrate and plump up the complexion. It’s advanced formulation of Hyaluronic Acid creates a unique 3 fold action that deeply penetrates skin.


Want a healthy summer glow? ALCINA’s Sun Kiss Powder is a pressed power which contains light-reflecting shimmering pigments that gives complexion a fresh, smooth and toned look, as if kissed by the sun.


ALCINA is now available on Luxola. Happy shopping girls!

Much love to Weina, Luxola and ALCINA for the invite.

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