Depend GelLack

Too busy to visit a nail salon? Prefer a gentle method of gel nail removal? Dislike chipping and drying time of regular nail polishes?

Sweden’s No 1 best-selling cosmetic brand, Depend, has arrived on our sunny island with its home gel nails system, Depend GelLack. Well, gelish home manicure systems are not ground-breaking, but what makes GelLack special is its fuss-free method of removal.

Traditional removal methods typically involve filing, soaking nails in pure acetone, followed by loads of buffing. This not only dries out nails and skin, but also thin nails, resulting in damaged and weak nails.

With GelLack system, simply massage the moisturising  GelLack Removal Oil onto nails, soak in warm water (40˚C) for a few minutes. The gel nail can then be easily peeled off with an orange stick, with no damages done to nail surface. The reaction between the oil, GelLack formula and water makes this unique removal method possible. Amazing right?

Depend GelLack Obligatory Starter Kit ($99) includes a before/after cleanse, base coast, top coat, LED lamp with adapter, a wooden cuticle stick and emery board. It may seem pricy, but it’s a long term investment that saves you both time and money.


The LED lamp is easy to use and comes with a timer (30 and 60 seconds). It strengthens and dry nails quickly.

Depend GelLack Colour ($13.50) is easy to apply and last longer than regular nail polish. GelLack Colour levels out after curing to achieve a smooth ridge-less look. The high-gloss finish will last for 2-3 weeks. With 30 shades to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Let’s start shall we?

1) Prep digits with GelLack Before/After Cleanse


2) Apply a layer of GelLack Base Coat. When using all GelLack, always remember to apply in thin layers. Cure for 30 seconds. Clean sticky surface with Before/After Cleanse.



3) Stir with brush about 20 times before applying. To get the right amount of GelLack Colour on the brush, scrape off the excess against the inside of the neck of the bottle. Apply the first coat of colour, cure and clean with Before/After Cleanse. Repeat step 3.




4) Apply GelLack Top Coat, cure and clean with Before/After Cleanse.


Because the LED lamp is designed to be small and lightweight (so travel-friendly), one will not be able fit all 5 fingers into the lamp at the same time. Its recommended to cure the thumbs separately.


The final results 🙂 Don’t you just love the high-shine finish? You can also use Depend GelLack on your toes too!


Depend GelLack is available at Watsons Nex, Bugis Junction and Vivo City. Alternatively you can order online at

Many thanks to Media Flair and Depend for the lovely product!


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