The Warung

Apart from CIRE, the alternative dining destination on site Alila Villas Uluwatu is The Warung, a traditionally designed and rustic casual restaurant offering traditional Indonesian and Balinese Cuisine.


Food is unabashedly local, originating from different parts of Indonesia eg Java, Padang, Manado. Expect vibrant colours, rich aromas and complex flavours. As with most tourist-centric restaurants, heat levels are toned down. We’re good with spice, so we informed the kitchen to pack the heat on.

Our lunch started with a show-stopping appetizer platter, consisting of various condiments to be paired with Peanut Tumeric Crackers and Vegetable Crackers. They’re utterly delicious and if I’ve to select my top picks, I’d say go for the Peanut Tumeric Crackers, Devil Hot Chilli with garlic, Lemongrass Salad and Fried Garlic with shallots & chilli.


The next item, Mixed Sate (Rp 135,000) was equally impressive, not only in terms of presentation, but also taste. Served over a grill, its smoky notes stopped me in my tracks and all I could do was breath in deeply, taking in the mouth-watering aroma. The well-marinated Sates, a mix of beef, chicken and fish, tantalised our palates till no end. And yes, the sates comes with the familiar peanut sauce, vegetable salad and lontong rice cakes.


We also had Balinese Creamy Mushroom Soup (Rp 115,000), Beef Stew with Coconut (Rp 230,000) and Braised Vegetables with Coconut Milk (Rp 90,000).




Lunch time at The Warung was a little uncomfortable, due to the combined effects from the hot weather and the food’s spiciness. Although handheld rattan fans were provided, it was insufficient. How I wished the restaurant was equipped with electric fans. We had no choice but to cool off with frozen Passionate Fruit Mocktails (Rp 75,000), a refreshing thirst quencher made from guava, passion fruit and orange juice. During our meal, we watch the monkeys and parasailers going about their business.






I love the Peanut Tumeric Crackers so much; I visited again in the afternoon to have iced tea. Both crackers are complimentary with any drink ordered.


We also experienced dinner at The Warung, which was included in our vacation package. During the evenings, a bottle of Alila Spa essential oil mosquito repellent is provided on every table. How thoughtful!

Fish and Prawn Sate. The prawns were conveniently de-shelled so you can dive straight into savouring the succulent, char-grilled flesh.



Balinese Fried Duck was superb, addictively crispy with tender meat.

Balinese Vegetables with coconut yellow dressing. This was subtly raw and tasted kind of strange at first, but I slowly grew to like it.


Braised Beef in Coconut milk


We capped off the set dinner with Mixed Green Rice Flour Dumplings, served with ice cream and palm sugar sauce.


There’s something intrinsically satisfying about the flavoursome dishes at The Warung. Don’t miss it if you’re at Alila Villas Uluwatu!

The Warung
Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali
Jl Belimbing Sari
Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu,
Bali 80364
Tel:+62 361 848 2166

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