Third Place @ MedTech

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Select Group launches a new dining concept, Third Place @ MedTech, which features eating house, cafe, tapas and Zi Char to gratify both the working crowd and foodies.

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In the day, Third Place offers lunch seekers nearby convenience and a variety of dining choices from 12 food stalls serving local and international cuisines. When night approaches, the venue transforms into a Zi Char and tapas bar, complete with service.


The tasting started with signature Tapas and right off the bat Third Place did not disappoint. Beef Me Up ($14) is a definite carnivore’s dream- fork-tender and flavoursome.


Upping the luxe factor is Krab’s Ocean Drink ($18), a seductive Alaskan Crab Leg paired with red wine.


We moved on to Third Place’s Zi Char creations. Offering diners a whole myriad of flavours and textures, the Five Blessings Platter ($80) consists of prawn and salted egg yolk wrapped with fried shredded popiah skin strips, jelly fish with sweet and spicy sauce, fried enoki mushrooms seasoned viciously with salt and pepper, mango prawn roll and papaya salad. Portion is good enough for 10 people to share.


Rollicking in complex gravy, the Nonya-style Steamed Red Grouper (seasonal price), tantalised our taste buds with its assam spices.


Coated with orange sauce, the Prawn Ball with Macadamia Nut in Orange Sauce ($18/$27/$36) leans towards the sweet side. The prawn balls themselves were crunchy and succulent. Whole macadamias were a welcome addition with its nutty goodness.


Clocked with peach sauce, the fried Pork Rib with Honey Peach ($15/$22/$30) was a match made in heaven, delectable and tender.


Limited to 30 servings per day, the Beancurd with Hon-Shimeiji Mushrooms ($12/$18/$24) has textured skin enveloping silky tofu. Prepared in an un-fussed approach, the Stir-fried Assorted Vegetables ($16/$22/$30) is another healthy-tasting dish that will appeal to both adults and children.



Despite feeling quite full already, the arrival of Third Place’s Signature Salted Egg Cheese Crab (seasonal price) enticed me into committing a calorie-busting sin. We ravenously dug into the utterly divine creation, where the sauce is definitely the star, enhanced with curry leaves for that extra oomph. The sauce clings onto the shell well, thanks to its spot-on creamy consistency. I can’t detect much cheese but I believe its the key to perfecting the sauce’s wonderful texture. Lick off or mop up the sauce with the sweet flesh of the crustacean, both ways are equally delightful.


A competently executed rendition of Singapore’s favourite crab dish, Third Place’s Chilli Crab (seasonal price) is impossible not to love!


Select Group collaboration with beverage partners brings forth more savings for consumers. The yummy Alska Ciders we tried are priced at $9 per bottle (can be up to $15 elsewhere).



Third Place is the venue to visit when you just cannot face those over-familiar shopping mall dining options. I can see it being a nice spot to gather with family, friends and colleagues. Westies, do take note of this new eating haunt!  I recommend dressing light, as Third Place is an alfresco set-up. Zi Char and Tapas are available Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm.

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Many thanks to Ninemer Public Relations and Select Group for the invite.

Third Place @ MedTech
2 Tukang Innovation Grove
JTC Medtech One #01-01

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