Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque Review

Hi Girls, I’ll be doing a quick review on Demalogica Skin Refining Masque, which is by far my favourite clay mask. But because its rather pricy, I have switched to other brands (after being a loyal user for approximately 6 years).


A bit of background on the brand- Dermalogica is a skincare system that began in 1986, when the founder, a UK-trained skin therapist, developed products to promote not beauty, but skin health. All products are manufactured in USA.

My Skin Profile:
Dehydrated Skin which produces massive amounts of oil
Large pores
Endless whiteheads and blackheads
Slight pigmentation on cheekbones
Dark circles
Dull tone

Here’s my before and after pics. I did extraction prior to mask application

02-tile before

04-tile after


02-crop pores-tile

The Pros:  

-Deep cleanses pores effectively, draws out excess sebum which cause congestion and enlarge pores

-Does not dry out skin

-Contain plant extracts for additional benefits: green tea, magnolia, tea tree, cedar, grapefruit

-Skin feels soft, supple and clean after use.  In addition complexion become radiant (as demonstrated in my pic). This is the main reason why I like this mask so much, because I have yet to come across another clay mask that possess brightening effects.

-calms redness from extraction

-shrinks pore size

-quick and effectively spot overnight spot treatment for pimples and acne

-Does not dry tight on the face, hence comfortable to wear

-formulated without artificial fragrances and colours

-easy to rinse off using  fingers and water

-hygienic packaging (tube)

-product does not dry out in the tube to the extent such that the mask becomes difficult to spread

The Cons:

-mask does not sit into large pores well, I have to rub in more product into skin to fill up large pores. This issue worsen as the product in the tube becomes thicker over time.  Below is a picture from which illustrates how a clay mask fails fill up some pores. (Innisfree Volcanic Mousse Mask does not have this problem, I’ll be blogging about this soon)


-Inconsistent texture due to separation of ingredients. Occasionally, when I squeeze out some product, instead of smooth clay mask, I get a thin translucent liquid (ie the vehicle). This can be solved  by shaking the tube vigorously, but for such an expensive mask, I expect better formulation.

-Pricy, pricy, pricy! SGD65.50 for 75ml ( which works out to 87 cents/gram) on Alternatively, you can purchase from authorized dealers listed here

To sum up, if you’re searching for a deep-cleansing clay mask that adds radiance without drying out the skin, check out Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque.


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