JPOT, part of the Jumbo Group, was founded in 2009 and in my opinion, is one of the best steamboat restaurants in Singapore. Even though Hai Di Lao service standards and frills are absent, service is nonetheless polite and efficient and the food standards are comparable.


JPOT employs the use of technology to speed things up and free staff for other tasks. When you arrive, get your queue number from an automated machine. A wait staff will lead you to your table once your number appears on the screen. Upon seated, you can proceed to browse and order from the electronic menu on the iPad affixed to each table. The system will calculate the total spending (excluding GST and service charge) which we find helpful to curb overspending due to over-zealous ordering.

Condiments are displayed a la buffet style and include chilli padi, fried garlic, fresh garlic, ground peanut, roasted sesame, chilli oil, garlic oil, sha cha sauce, sesame oil, sesame peanut sauce, garlic chilli sauce, soya sauce, Chinese parsley, spring onion and leek.


What we like about Jpot is how hygienic everything is- individual pots and thongs are provided for each diner. Unlike large sharing pots where you can opt for 2 soup bases, at JPOT, you only get one. However, with individual pots, you have total control, and do not have to coordinate cooking times with your dining companions. Soup base choices include Superior broth, herbal bak ku teh, silky porridge, laksa, tom yam and vegetarian. I hope that they’ll have Mala soon!

The quality of the soup bases are excellent, and the ingredients sparkling fresh. I had the Herbal broth ($5.80), a calming, comforting soup with layered flavors. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive; we had Seaweed ($2.50) and Tang-O ($4.80).


Fishballs ($5), Sliced Toman Fish ($7.80), Vermicelli ($2) and Sea Cucumber ($9.80).


Grain-Fed Ribeye ($12.80) and Prawns ($10.80) deshelled and deveined for convenience.


Fried items and dim sums are also available to give your palate a break from hotpot food. Spinach Beancurd ($4.80) and Fried Shrimp Dumpling ($5.80) never fail to grace our table when we are at JPOT.


DSC04730Not only does JPOT have a wide variety of offerings, the food is utterly scrumptious too! We could eat here again and again, without getting tired of it. To stretch your dollar, go for the set lunches which start from an incredible value-for-money $16.80++. The Vivocity outlet is particularly crowded on weekends, hence do make reservations well in advance!

JPOT Vivocity
#01-53 Vivocity
1 Habourfront Walk
Tel: 6273 3536

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