The Bakery Chef

Despite being quite inaccessible, herds of people still make their way to The Bakery Chef to get their hands on  good-looking cakes. The diminutive, quaint café (22 indoor seats) is located at a HDB block, has décor that reminds me of a cozy cottage. I personally find the tables too close for comfort and prefer enjoying the cakes at home.

At the café, we had Waffles ($6.50) drizzled with caramel sauce (you can opt for chocolate or berries) and Oreo Ice Cream Mudpie ($8.90). Hubby had a Long Black ($3.20), which was too diluted for his liking.



Lollipop Cheesecake ($7.20) had a nice crumbly texture but tasted average.


Most of The Bakery Chef cakes has the same design- square shaped sponge cakes layered with cream. The most Instagramed Rainbow Slice ($5.80) was fluffy and moist without being too sweet while the Kalamansi Sunrise ($5.80) granted a sweet-zesty lift.



The Caramel Guilt ($5.80) was light and we didn’t feel any guilt from devouring it.


Despite their differences, green tea and red bean will always be the perfect love affair. Among all the cakes I’ve tried from The Bakery Chef, the Matcha Bliss ($5.80) was my favourite


In celebration of our nation’s golden jubilee, The Bakery Chef has launched a Lychee Cake ($5.80) and Bandung is the month’s soft serve flavour.


Overall, we find the desserts delicate, not to sweet tasting, nor artificial. While there’s no wow factor (except for the presentation), I can’t fault anything.

The Bakery Chef
161 Bukit Merah Central
Tel: 6273 9211

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