Sayers Sister

It’s no surprise to spot a queue outside Sayer Sisters, one of Perth’s best brunch spots (the other fantastic one is Tuck Shop Café), located along Lake Street Northbridge. The interior itself is something to talk about, rustic and romantic at the same time. The vibes? Bustling!

Picture credit: Pinterest

Picture credit: Pinterest

The wait was thankfully short when we visited, approximately 20 minutes, which was made sweeter with complimentary chocolate muffins.

Expect hearty brunch plates, fresh seasonal produce and creative ingredient combinations.

The breakfast Classic, Full Breakfast (AUD 22), wowed us with its massive potion! This head-turner consists of chorizo sausage, bacon, potato cake with beans, grilled tomato, balsamic & pesto mushroom and your choice of eggs. Every aspect was excellent, except the chorizo, which was overbearingly salty.



Indian flavors blossom in Kedgeree Croquettes (AUD 18.50), which wade in a pool of turmeric and coconut sauce. The croquettes were commendable; each sphere had a crispy exterior and inside, dwell a soft creamy core of potato. Perfectly poached eggs, rocket, cucumber and raita complete the dish.


Our taste buds revel in a medley of flavors presented in the Coriander & Cumin Tagine (AUD 16.50), accompanied by baba ganoush, golden poached egg and toasted linseed bread.


Carb lovers will adore the Rosti (AUD 19.50), a gratifying stack of potato rosti, poached eggs, bacon and rocket leaves, jazzed up with bramley apple and thyme chutney.


Have an Iced Chocolate (AUD 7) to wash everything down. The thick yet not-at-all cloying beverage can double up as a dessert, thanks to the added scoop of creamy vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.


Sayers Sister’s breakfast menu is available from 7am-11.30am on Mondays to Saturdays and 7am-2pm on Sundays.

Sayers Sister
236 Lake St
Perth, WA 6000
Tel: 9227 7506

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