Gin Khao

Gin Khao, which literally means Eat Rice, is a casual restaurant located in East Coast Park that serves Thai Food. It’s interior is spacious, and ambience laid-back with homely and welcoming décor. The local company takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients, and even imports rice, garlic and sauces from Thailand for authenticity.




We started the meal with the Tom Yum Talay ($12.80), a classic soup often used as a benchmark for Thai restaurants. While most other places use water as a base, Gin Khao uses chicken stock to provide sweet undertones.  Fresh prawns, mussels and squid bathe in a spicy broth that awaken the senses which was thankfully, not overly numbingly spicy, hence went down the throat easily. If you prefer more “oomph”, just inform the waiter to increase the heat levels.


Larb Moo ($7.80), a warmed minced pork salad with mint leaves, also comprises of diced onions and tomatoes for that that addictive crunchy texture. The little chilli padi bits certainly made its fiery presence known. This was too spicy for me, but hubby took it with no sweat.

Seafood Green Curry ($12.80) with crunchy rice crackers were lovely, but it was Moo Yang ($12.80) that left a deeper impression. Thinly sliced three-layered  pork belly is grilled over charcoal for that alluring aroma. The delectable, tender meat is accompanied with a specially concocted sauce prepared with Thai green chilli, garlic, lime, fish sauce and a secret ingredient.



Another unforgettable dish was the Kang Ob Woon Sen ($16.80), which is essentially juicy crayfish simmered in Thai garlic and pepper sauce in over high heat in a claypot. What shone in this dish, was the springy glass noodles, which soaked up the mouth-watering sauce well. It comes piping hot, so be careful when you dig in.


Gin Khao’s Watermelon Fried Rice ($11.80) is a welcome change to the usual Pineapple fried rice available in most Thai restaurants. This satisfying staple, brightened up with refreshing cubes of freshly cut tropical fruit, should not be missed.


Thai Tea Molten Lava Cake ($8.80) is not a common flavour but  is undoutedly a befitting end to a Thai meal. The thai tea flavoured cake itself is moist, however its core of condense milk was not very flowy. You can choose from coconut, mango, palm sugar, tom yum (yes, tom yum!), chocolate, vanilla or lychee sorbet to accompany the lava cake.


Beverage options at Gin Khao are aplenty, which comes in handy to douse the fire from tantalising spices. We tried Thai Ice Rose Milk Tea ($4.80) and Perrier with Honey & Lime ($6.80). The former is delightful, without the heavy bitterness and acidity one would find in poorly prepared Thai teas.


If you’re a fan of bold Thai flavours at wallet-friendly prices, Gin Khao is a good choice. Its comfortable, upbeat setting makes it a suitable venue for family meals and gatherings with friends.

Many thanks to Royston and Gin Khao for the invite.

Gin Khao
1020 East Coast Parkway
#01-01 Singapore 449787
Tel: 6604 8996

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