ChaoZhou Porridge

Love Teochew Muay but not a fan of the warm and stuffy coffee shops synonymous with the humble fare? Centrally located along River Valley Road, ChaoZhou Porridge allows diners to enjoy comforting bowls of piping hot porridge in a sparkling clean, air-conditioned (and haze-free) setting.



I like how ChaoZhou porridge presents their dishes-exhibited in the open concept kitchen. Chilled appetisers, cold crabs and desserts are displayed in a chiller nearby. There’s no doubt that this is effective method to entice hungry dines to order more food!  Some dishes are cooked a la minute, and can be found in the menu.



We took advantage of the promotion, Happy Dinner Set at $12 per pax (min 4 pax), to check out this relatively new eatery.  Do note that reservations has to be made via Hungrygowhere and this promotion is valid until 30th Sept 2015. Not included in the set is Porridge, which goes for 70 cents per bowl. Rice is also available at the same price.


We started our dinner with Steamed Meat Ball in Porridge Water. The springy meatballs are made with pork, with vegetables for a subtle crunch. Big Sotong with Homemade Sauce was our favourite dish that night. The squid was steamed, then chilled and served with an  addictive sweet-sour sauce with a spicy kick. Excellent execution indeed, as evident from the perfect texture of the squid-tender and pillowy.



Get your dose of Omega 3 from the Chaozhou Steamed Fish. The mullet is prepared by steaming, after which its gut is removed; this technique retains the juicy and original taste of the fish. For the final touch, a hand full of Teochew salted vegetables blankets the fresh fish  providing an additional dimension in flavour and texture.


Other savoury dishes included in the set meal are Braised Delights comprising of Taupok, bean curd, eggs and peanuts, Fried Vermicelli with Cabbage and Golden Mushrooms and Fried Omelette with Radish. The lattermost is another highlight of the meal- the egg was  skilfully fried to an attractive golden brown shade, with burst of saltiness from diced radish hidden within the fluffy interior.




We also tried popular favourite such as Fragrant Mined Meat ($4.20), Preserved Vegetables ($2.20), another bowl of Teochew Salted Vegetables ($2.20), and Salted Egg ($1.30 each) We ended off the meal with Crispy Fried Taro Rolls (included in Happy Dinner Set), which had a crisps exterior and a core of soft taro studded with small bits of braised duck to add a hint of saltiness to the otherwise saccharine root vegetable.


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Our only gripe about the meal, was that the fish meat was a tad too dry. Apart from this, we were pleased with the gratifying dinner, efficient service and comfortable ambiance. ChaoZhou porridge is not only open for lunch, but operates until 5am daily, to cater to diners who love suppers.

ChaoZhou Porridge
221 River Valley Road
Tel: 6268 6763

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