Two Michelin-Star Chef Anthony Genovese Set Lunch @ Dolce Vita

From 29th September to 3rd October 2015, Mandarin Oriental’s  Italian poolside restaurant Dolce Vita, will play host to two Michelin-starred chef, Anthony Genovese.

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Born in France to Italian parents, Chef Genovese embarked on his culinary career in France, working in several two- and three- Michelin starred restaurants. After his extensive travels through Malaysia, Japan and Thailand, he settled in Ravello, where he earned his first Michelin star. Subsequently, he established his restaurant in Rome, Il Pagliaccio and soon, Chef Genovese  was awarded the esteemed two Michelin stars

Diners can anticipate an epicurean journey with Chef Genovese, as he showcases a selection of his signature creations.

The lunch began with a basket of freshly baked breads. Complimentary bread baskets are increasingly a norm, and the first impression was set on the right track by complementing  homemade plain, olive and rosemary ciabatta rolls with tomato pesto, tomato cream and basil cream spreads.


A play of textures, the Amuse Bouche, Smoked Amberjack Roulade, Burrata Emulsion and Citrus, tantalised our taste buds with contrast from the crisps Amberjack Roulade and elegantly light Burrata Emulsion. The citrus notes in the emulsion also balances out the sea flavours of the smoked fish.


The Squid, Rabbit and Eggplant totally won us over with its excellent execution and unique yet harmonious combination of the 3 ingredients.  It’s easy to overcook squid, rendering it tough and unappetizing. Here, the squid was cooked perfectly, and we enjoyed it’s soft, tender consistency.


This was my favourite course of the meal;  sparkling fresh crustacean, Squilla Mantis, is paired with green tortelli, filled with a decadent surprise-anchovy butter.  Yes, the Green Tortelli, Ancocy Butter and Squalia mantis should not be missed.

Green tortelli, anchovy butter, scampi

Ah, truffles. Who can resist the allure and aroma of these prized fungus? Vibrant flavours blossom in the Pork, Corn Espuma and Summer Truffle. The medium-well pork was intense, courtesy of its blend of spices. Personally, I find the flavour a tad overwhelming, to the extent whereby the truffles were somewhat overshadowed by the pork. Holding it’s own is the corn espuma, with pieces of popcorn for that unexpected, delightful crunch.


Cheese. Some people love it, whilst others simply don’t. However, even though if you’re adverse to cheese, you will still find Sweet Milk, Robiola Cheese and Pear dessert is easy on the palate. The Robiola cheese possess a delicate flavour, which went well with the subtle sweetness of ice cream and fruit.


Chef Genovese set meals are available from now until 3rd October 2015. A four-course set lunch is priced at $88++ and five-course set lunch is priced at $108++. A five-course dinner is priced at $128++ and six-course dinner at $158++. See here for detailed menus.

In need of a pampering staycation? You may take interest in Mandarin Oriental’s special offer, priced at SGD 1040 per night, which includes well-appointed accommodation, daily breakfast buffet, exclusive 6-course dinner as well as the opportunity to meet Chef Genovese and receive a personalised keepsake with his autograph.

Much love to Mandarin Oriental for the invite.

Dolce Vita
Mandarin Oriental
Level 5
5 Raffles Avenue
Tel: 6885 3500

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