When it comes to preventing aging, the earlier the better! Korean Skincare brand Dermatology Cosmeceutical Solution (DCS) helps one to preserve youthful complexion with its anti-aging range, NUTRIDERM.

The NUTRIDERM line boosts a myriad of skincare benefits, courtesy of its concoction of natural yet powerful ingredients. The star, Korean Ginseng Berry, is a prized fruit as it can only be harvested once every four years over a seven-day period. Korean Ginseng Berries have high concentration of ginsenosides, in fact, twice the amount of the more well-known and frequently used Korean Ginseng Root. Ginsenosides have excellent anti-oxidant properties, protecting the skin from everyday stresses by fighting free radical damage. In addition, Korean Ginseng Berry also increases hyaloronic acid in skin cells. This not only prevents wrinkle formation, but also gives skin a supple glow.

DCS NUTRIDERM’s second key ingredient is Volcanic Seawater from Jeju Island. Renowned for being one of the top new natural wonders in the world, the fertile island has a hidden pocket of pocket of nutrient-rich volcanic sea water, highly purified by pathogens and heavy metals that pass through the volcanic basalt rock for more than 300,000 years. Highly valued for its rare mineral content, volcanic seawater consists of:

Selenium: an antioxidant responsible for tissue elasticity and cell damage prevention

Zinc: alleviates damage caused by acne and reduces excessive sebum production

Iron:  this mineral improves the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate, which essential for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

I’m sure many of us are envious of the much sought after mul-kwang-pi-bu (“watery-light” dewy skin) Korean women have. With DCS NUTRIDERM, you can achieve it too!

If you’re 25 years old and above, it’s important to invest in ampoules, because it contains the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients, even more compared to serums and essence. A little goes a long way (2-3 drops for the entire face) and you’ll reap the benefits sooner. DCS NUTRIDERM Ultra Nutrition Ampoule ($53 for 30ml) is a light-weight, easily absorbed and keeps my skin supply and soft.



In addition to Korean Ginseng Berry and Jeju’s Volcanic Seawater, DCS NUTRIDERM Ampoule also contains Yunzhi Herb Extract, which improves the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and retain water, and Licorice Extract, which brightens and energizes skin.


DCS NUTRIDERM Ultra Nutrition Night Cream ($41 for 50ml) not only comprises of Korean Ginseng Berry and Jeju’s Volcanic Seawater, it also has:

Vegetable Worm Mushroom Extract, which contain rich amino acids which improve the elasticity of the skin and reduces fine lines.

Licorice Extract, to brighten and energizes the skin.

Niacinamide and Adenosin, which have whitening and anti-wrinkle properties



My Verdict: After 3 weeks of use, I felt that my complexion is well-hydrated and more resilient. After using the ampoule, I noticed my complexion is less oily in the day and my makeup is able to stay all day. Personally, I find the night cream’s texture a tad too thick for my oily skin, hence will recommend this for ladies with normal to dry skin. Both the ampoule and night cream smell of ginseng, and this much more noticeable in the night cream. I like the ginseng scent because just a whiff of it helps me to relax. No worries if you’re not a fan of ginseng scent, because it dissipates after a couple of minutes. For an anti-aging skincare range, the price point is kind to the wallet. Kudos to DCS for offering premium ingredients at a affordable prices.

DCS NUTRIDERM range is now available exclusively at selected Watsons stores. You can find out more about the brand form their website and facebook page

Much love to to Media Flair and DCS for the products.

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