Ceramic Perm @ Avant Garde

Back at Avant Garde (previously knows as Georgina’s) to revive my curls. For the first time in January this year, I tried Avant Garde ceramic perm and have never looked back. I used to think that curls are difficult and time consuming to maintain hence avoided perms. But I was so wrong! Ceramic perms are a breeze to manage, simply apply hair curling cream after a shower, then twirl using your fingers occasionally while the hair air-dries. Scrunch the ends with curling wax and you’ll get stunning tresses.  I was so in love with the curls and how much time it helped me saved in my morning routine, I had to get a ceramic perm again!

I was glad that the previous perm lasted me 10 months, which came as a surprise as most of my friend’s perms only lasted them 4-5 months. As you can see, the front portion of the hair is still curly, but the back, not so much (because I didn’t bother with applying curling cream and curling wax as I was going get my hair done).



Apart from the ceramic perm, I also wanted to have highlights done, but Georgina advice me to come back 3 weeks later for highlights, as well as treatment. The nature of perms is such that it is damaging to the hair, and hence pacing these chemical processes prevents excessive damage to the tresses.  While some salons would perm and colour a client’s hair consecutively without question, Georgina makes no compromise on her client’s hair. One can be assured of healthy locks under Georgina’s professional care.

After an invigorating hair wash and relaxing head massage, Georgina proceeded with trimming and laying my locks. She explained that correctly layered hair will result in bouncier curls.


To achieve an illusion of a slimmer face, the curls should start from the chin.


Hair relaxer with was applied to the hair. It contains argon oil to nourish and prevent dryness.


Sections of hair was meticulously rolled around ceramic rollers. A remarkable perm is an artwork by an accomplished stylist; how well the curls turn out depends on the quality of the lotion and skills of the stylist. White sponges were added to protect the face and scalp from the heat.



The curls 🙂


If you don’t have the time to air-dry the curls, blow-dry with a diffuser or twirl the curls with your fingers while blow-drying. I find the latter method much faster.


The final look- bouncy, cascading curls 🙂



To demonstrate how easy it is to achieve these picture-perfect curls, Here are some pictures of my curls, which were air-dried the night before.



Do set aside 4 hours for ceramic perms.  The salon’s ambiance is classy and comfortable, plus there’re heaps of magazines to keep you occupied so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there.

Much love to Georgina for the ravishing curls.

Avant Garde Hair Salon
Goodwood Park Hotel (Parklane Wing)
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: 6737 5251

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