Brunch @ Symmetry

Café by day and restaurant at night, Symmetry’s offering are inspired by Australian casual dining culture and French cuisine. Brunch plates here exemplify timeless comfort.


The venue is very small and was so packed during the weekends, so much so that I was unable to take any nice pictures of the space. Generally, the vibes are good. Expect rustic, slightly uncoordinated decor, loud music, noisy chatter and energetic, efficient staff.

Dull in presentation but not in taste, the Crisps Baby Squid ($17) is one of the better ones I’ve tried in recent memory. Perfectly fried and well-seasoned, the crisp batter gave way to chewy baby squids. Dip it into the accompanying black pepper aioli for optimum enjoyment.


Symmetry is well-known for their truffle fries and I’m glad to say that they did not disappoint. The Potato Fries ($15) with truffle oil emulsion emanates an earthy aroma, and rewards the palate with a depth of flavors that made me want to chase every bite with another. The portion is generous, good for sharing between 3-4 diners but for 2 people it’s simply too much (hubby and I were struggling to finish them). Wished Symmetry made these fries available in small and large sizes.


Everything is better with an egg on it, unfortunately for us, the sous vide style eggs in The Flan ($24) failed to flow as they were overcooked. The combination of melt-in-the-mouth Berkshire pork cheek, mushroom ragout, low temperature eggs, soubise sauce, mashed potatoes, pommery mustard and argula makes for an atypical brunch treat, a welcomed change from predictable brunch dishes.



I was craving for something sweet and Symmetry Waffles ($16) caught my eye. Stacked aesthetically, the waffles are spruced up with summer berries compote, peanut butter, hazelnut, maple syrup, Chantilly cream and berries ice cream. The waffles themselves were good- the exterior brown and crisps while the insides remain moist and plush. Satisfaction guaranteed!

08Although prices veer towards the higher end, the ingredient quality, creativity and execution is worth the price tag. IMHO, Symmetry is one of the better brunch destinations in Singapore. Reservations recommended on weekends and public holidays (can book via their website).

9 Jln Kubor
Tel: 6291 9901

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