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We all know that going to the gym is great for the body, but how do we achieve the same benefits for our face? Inspired by fitness, Singapore’s first all ladies organic beauty bar, beauté by Kew, debuts a new signature treatment-Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial.



The facial is created by Ms Lily Kew, founder of beauté by Kew. Lily is a qualified beauty expert in beauty skincare and holistic wellness. A true believer of organic goodness, she is passionate about making organic treatments affordable. With more than 15 years of experience in skincare and beauty, Lily’s in-depth knowledge ensures that beauté by Kew is always at the forefront of beauty technology.

Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial combines energetic massage techniques and technology to achieve a synergistic effect for youthful skin and lifted facial contours.

Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial comprises of:

– Muscle movement-skin firming massage
– Interval face muscle resistance training
– Acupressure Face Reflexology
– Muscle Rolling Lift & Tone
– Shoulder/Neck Release massage
– Signature Hydration Mist
– Black Chicken Remedies and/or Yum Gourmet Skincare Products (depending on the skin conditions)


Beaute by Kew’s skilled therapist, with years of experience under their belts, examined my skin and picked out an array of products from Yum Gourmet Skincare, a cult organic skincare line from Canada.

yumsAfter cleansing, the skin is scrubbed and extraction was performed to remove pimples, blackheads and white heads. I like the extraction as it is gentle, minimizing discomfort.



The next step focuses on rejuvenating skin and remodeling collagen using 3DEEP technology. It is a revolutionary, patented, medical grade eye, face and neck treatment which delivery thermal radiofrequency energy all the way into the deeper layers of the skin. This non-invasive, non-surgery face lifting treatment acts as a catalyst to firm the muscles, regenerate the skin and collagen cells. The equipment has the latest multi-source, phase-controlled radiofrequency technology that helps slim the face as well as reduce deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and double chins.


Cooling Cryo treatment was quickly followed up to tighten muscles, firm skin and close pores, while locking moisture into the skin.

The theory of hot and cold mimics the expansion and contraction of muscles during a gym workout. The therapist worked on my skin with such action repetitively for 20 minutes. Thereafter, I could see that the contour of my face is sharper (as some would say V-shaped) and more defined. My eyebrows and eyes are more lifted as well.


Now for the heavenly indulgence. The therapist applied firm strokes at the sides of the neck to encourage lymphatic circulation. Following that, a series of energetic strokes and accupoint presses were performed. I was more impressed with the massage component of the facial, as this is my first encounter with deep tissue and acupuncture reflexology techniques in western facial setting. Some may feel a tad sore during the facial massage; but it is necessary in order to release toxin and pressure on the eye and facial muscles. It is somewhat like foot reflexology; kinda sore at first, but so light and relaxing after that. Indeed, my face, eyes and neck felt truly relaxed as all knots are being removed, not to mention I looked more youthful.



After massaging the neck’s lymph nodes again to drain away all the fluid retention, the therapist generously slathered on Pistachio Mint Energizing Mask. Most salons’ facials’ will include a shoulder and neck massage that only lasts a couple of minutes, but at beauté by Kew, customers can take respite in the lengthy 15 minute neck, shoulder and upper back massage. Be lulled into a state of utter relaxation!


The final result pleased me. Not only did my complexion look noticeably clear, hydrated and radiant, my cheeks were less pudgy and facial contours are sharper and more defined. The facial did indeed accomplished what it set out to achieve- youthful appearance and muscles stimulated to produce collagen, without surgery. The massage cum workout facial lifts the facial muscles without invasive procedures, pain, nor downtime. Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial lasts for 120 minutes and is priced at $260.


For complexions that need extra TLC, go for the popular add-on treatment- Thy Skin Booster ($20 for 10 mins). This powerful treatment harnesses spotlight technology to:

-Target specific areas of your concern, such as forehead & eyes, cheeks & mouth, double-chin & neck
-Improves flexibility of skin
-Diminishes signs of stress and aging
-Stimulate collagen production
-Impart a luminous complexion-you’ll glow from inside out!

Take advantage of the 50% off promotion for the Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial – only $130 for first trial. Plus, the first 30 customers will enjoy a complimentary Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Eye or Neck Treatment worth $140. Only till 31st Jan 2016, so hurry 🙂

Much love to beauté  by Kew for the relaxing and rejuvenating experience 🙂

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