Quality modern European cuisine tends to be synonymous with expensive food. However at Bridge, one can enjoy impeccable plated, innovative creations at affordable prices. Although Bridge’s decor is simple, its fine-dining caliber offerings more than makes up for its humble fittings.

We started the meal with complimentary herb bread sticks and warm baguette. Seeing that this is increasingly a norm, Bridge ensures that the first impression was set right on track by complementing the carbs with unique truffle honey butter and plum butter. We wiped out everything out in an instant.


Instead of going a la carte, we opted for the 4 course set dinner menu ($55), which gives more bang for buck. Prices listed are below the a la carte prices.

Part of the set dinner menu, the French Corn Soup was light and sweet, but was not outstanding. Just something comforting to warm the digestive system for more to come.


Presented like an art piece, the Heirloom Tomato Mozzarella ($16) earns points in visual appeal. Your taste buds will be enthralled by the harmonious combination of eight different species of tomatoes, caviaroli, mozzarella, tomato power, olive powder and kalamata emulsion.


Less stellar but still lovely is the Scallop Carpaccio ($16) comprising of mixed micro cress, yuzu, toasted sesame seeds and tobiko lying on a bed of thinly sliced, silky smooth Hokkaido Scallops.



The highlight of the meal is definitely the Boston Whole Lobster ($48/ $20 extra for set dinner), prepared sous vide then seared in a pan. Sous vide enhances the natural flavor of the crustacean and you can really taste the sweetness in each bite. Because its also seared, the meat is laced with a seductive smoky aroma. Accompanying the regal crustacean is kombu couscous with chopped bouncy squid for textural and flavour variation, as well as squid ink foam that evaporates rapidly upon contact with the tongue. Well played!


As there are only limited portions of the Boston Whole Lobster served daily, it’s good idea to request this dish when making your table reservation.

Get your dose of Omega 3 oils with the wild caught New Zealand Blue Cod ($29), accentuated with savory savoy cabbage, Spanish seaweed and yuzu bouillon. The cod’s crispy and crunchy scales were so addictive! And the presentation is so gorgeous!



Moving onto desserts! The Deconstructed Cheesecake ($14), studded with tart berries, has a surprise hidden within it depths- cold parfait. Other elements that elevated the dessert are homemade raspberry jam, passion fruit puree and lemon cream cheese foam.


The Crème Brulee ($9) with fresh fruits and Vanilla Bean ice cream was also well-executed. The custard was creamy and sensational, neither too eggy nor too sweet, with a nice crunch of burnt sugar


We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Bridge and have made a mental note to return for their weekend brunch. If you’re still on the look out for Christmas dinner venues, Bridge offers a 6 course dinner menu.

31 Seah Street
Tel: 6333 4453



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