Located on the first level of China Square Central, DoSiRak offers consumers healthy yet tasty meals, Korean styled. DoSiRak, which means lunch box in Korean, is a balanced meal of rice, meat and vegetables, traditional served in tin boxes.


The owners of DoSiRak add a modern twist to the old-school presentation with its eye-catching printed tubs, designed to fit comfortably in the palm, and with enough room for shaking up the contents to mix them up.


The recipes are inspired by the owner (who’s half-Korean) hometown and ingredients are prepared with care in order to retain their valuable nutrients and vitamins. Meats are not cooked using heat, but instead sous vide in 63°C water bath; this technique ensures juicy and flavorsome results. Vegetables are lightly blanched or served raw and sauces are made from scratch in-house, sans MSG, corn starch and refined sugar. Only sweeteners from fruits and brown sugar are used for flavor. In addition, only small drops of sesame and canola oil, which contains zero trans-fat and boast multiple health benefits, are added in DoSiRak’s food. Each item on DoSiRak’s menu is below 500 calories.


We had the chance to sample 3 new items on the menu. Do note that the pictures below feature tasting portions. Pour the sauce into the tub and give it a good shake to mix up the ingredients. Very fun indeed!

For something low in carbs, go for the Avocado Sweet Potato ($9.90), which consists of avocado, sweet potato spinach, red cabbage, bean sprouts, shitake and white radish (pickled in-house) lying on a bed cauliflower couscous.


If you can’t do without carbs, there’s Pumpkin Tofu ($8.90), a mixture sweet pumpkin, diced tofu, red cabbage, spinach, black beans, enoki white radish and jasmine brown rice.


For those who like something more substantial, try the tender Smoked Duck (9.90) which also comes with cabbage, shitake, sweet corn, carrots, onions and al dente buckwheat noodles.



DoSiRak provides an alternative healthy dining option (apart from the usual salads and soups) that’s appetizing and at affordable process. Working in the CBD area? DoSiRak offers complimentary delivery for every 4 DoSiRaks ordered.


DoSiRak has partnered with Food Bank this Christmas, to share the love with the less fortunate. Food Bank is a registered charity where companies and people can deposit or donate unused or unwanted food which will be collected and allocated to the needy. Because DoSiRak rarely has any food wastage, the eatery will donate dollar for every rice box sold to assist the needy in buying fridges.

Much thanks to Pronounce and DoSiRak for the invite!

18 Cross Street #01-02
China Square Central
Tel: 6536 6034

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