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Montana Singapore, previously branded as Montana Brew Bar, has moved from the first level of PoMo to larger outfit on the level two. Montana also revamped their menu, adding new items but at the same time, retaining classic favorites, to cater to longstanding diners.

Credit: Montana Singapore Instagram

Credit: Montana Singapore Instagram

Montana is widely recognized for their extensive savory and sweet waffle offerings, and diners can opt for fluffy or crispy texture (for selected items). The former’s waffle base, inspired by soufflé, has a soft and fluffy interior with a thin crispy crust, whilst the latter is crisps and light throughout.

All the dishes we sampled during the tasting were lovely, and there are a number items that promise to leave a deep impression.

Assam Crab Waffle ($18) is an innovative dish inspired by Kedah Laksa. These waffles are made with a blend of 8 spices, adorned with succulent crab meat and pineapple cucumber salsa, and paired with assam gula melaka mayo. Take a bit of everything and let it mingle in your mouth. Superb!


Fans of Korean cuisine will adore the Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($16). This newbie on the menu had a couple of teething issues initially, mainly being too soggy due to its moist toppings. Montana has tweaked the proportion of cornflour in the Gochujang rice waffle, baked it for a longer time, then fried it, before adding  well-marinated sous vide Bulgogi beef and kimchi coldslaw. A single poached egg completes this dish.



Dont be fooled by the humble presentation of the Japaleno Mac and Cheese Waffle($12.50). This a combination I’ve never tried before, but fell in love with upon the first bite. Embedded between the beautifully browned waffles, is a gooey centre of mac and cheese. Truffle oil lends a haunting aroma, while tomato relish dip adds a tangy note.


The Southern Fried Chicken Waffle ($14) is essentially a slab of tasty fried chicken tucked between crisps waffles. The slight  greasiness is nullified with the tangy coleslaw, while the corn salsa side provides further refreshment for the palate. This is the ultimate comfort food that can lift even the lowest moods!


Awaken the taste buds with Spicy Bacon Pasta ($14), packed with a fiery punch enough to satisfy most spice lovers.


Desserts is something that should not be missed at Montana! Black waffles are intriguing and seductive, but they’re not something new in Singapore’s cafe scene. I’m sure most people would mistaken these for charcoal waffles, but surprise surprise, this is made with black sesame. The fragrant Black Velvet Waffle ($14)  is further enhanced with black miso caramel and a scoop of intense green tea ice cream ( the other option is black sesame ice cream).


The black velvet waffle was good, but overshadowed by the exquisite Red Velvet Waffle ($14.50).  An instagrammable darling, the crimson waffle is accentuated with strawberry cheesecake ice cream (which replaces the older vanilla bean version) and drizzled with white chocolate rose sauce. Love how all the elements elevate each other, as well as how the rose flavour adds a unique taste to the overall taste profile. Amazing dessert! Ingenuity at its best!


Montana is proud to be in only café in Singapore to offer coconut cold brew coffee. Costa Rica beans are brewed for 12-15 hours in coconut water, which results in a sweet, smooth and soft finish. We tried the Regular ($6.50) served with coconut ice sphere, as well as the Gula Melaka($6.80) and Yuzu ($7.80) rendition. We voted, in order of preference, the Regular, followed by the Yuzu and finally, Gula Melaka, which most of us didn’t have a thing for, due to its bitterness and acidity. If you like you coffee strong, go for the Gula Melaka.


Sincerity is the bonus ingredient added in food served at Montana, which is increasingly getting rare these days. Another commendable point is that the team is receptive to feedback and make improvements swiftly. Working or studying close to PoMo? Do take advantage of their value for money set lunches are available on weekdays from 12 noon to 2pm-only $11.90 for a pasta and a soft drink or iced lemon tea.

Many thanks to Michelle ( for extending the invite and Montana for the warm hospitality.

Montana Singapore
1 Selegie Road #02-25
Tel: 9833 1790

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