Pool Grill

Marriott’s Pool Grill is a lovely spot to enjoy a relaxing lunch or romantic dinner. Singapore’s unforgiving weather is always a consideration when dining al fresco, hence we dressed light. However, we were surprised how cool the restaurant was, thanks to some of the air-conditioning flowing out from the hotel (especially if you sit closer to the entrance) as well as powerful ceiling fans.


I came with expectation that everything would be very casual at the Pool Grill, but again was surprised with its sophisticated elegance. Luckily, I dressed up for this lunch appointment my friend.

Service is attentive, warm and polite. However, the staff failed to inform us that they ran out of bone marrow and replaced it with vine tomatoes without checking with my friend. It’s an understatement that she was upset as she was looking forward to the bone marrow with much anticipation.

Lunch started with complimentary Onion Foccacia. We loved its soft innards and crispy exterior.


The Pool Grill Signature Caesar Salad ($19), is prepared and served at your table. The whole affair is rather pageantry, but sadly the salad tasted pedestrian. You can opt to add grilled chicken breast, smoked salmon and grilled prawns for an additional $6, $7 and $8.50 respectively. Order this if you have a thing for fanfare.



The Lobster Bisque ($17) fared much better. The robust flavors of the royal crustacean delighted the palate. We like that its texture, is light and not overly rich. Sitting in the enticing soup is a generous chuck of succulent lobster.


My one true love is grilled prawns and I came to Pool Grill specifically to try this. The Grilled Tiger Prawns ($38 for 200g) were skillfully grilled, and each mouthful rewards with an alluring smoky char, and a crunch that can only come from fresh prawns. The coriander salsa verde sauce is also superb accompaniment.


In the background, is Beer Battered Potato Fritters ($7) seasoned with truffle salt. This could have been nicer if it was less greasy.

After waiting for ages, my dining companion’s 400 day grain fed Australian Wagyu Ribeye ($69) finally arrived. She requested for medium, but it turned up well done. What’s more, the roasted bone marrow which accompanies the steak was replaced with vine tomatoes without her knowledge. Her only comfort came from the melt-in-the-mouth Foie Gras ($15) add on and lobster butter, one Pool Grill’s home-made condiments.


Do yourself a favor, skip desserts here. Both desserts we tried, did not follow through their projected image, The Banofee ($14), a dessert with toffee, banana, crumble and chocolate balls was average at best.


The Chocolate Raspberry Trifle ($14) yielded nothing but disappointment. The jelly was served warm and the sponge cake was absent of the typical moist, soaked consistency associated with trifle.


More misses than hits with the a la carte menu at Pool Grill, but I won’t write off this place yet, simply because I love the ambiance here, which exudes resort living and is away from crowds. I’d like to return to try the value-for-money set lunch which is available from Mondays to Saturdays- $33++ for 3 courses plus free flow of ice tea or hot beverages. Set dinners are also available at $48++.


Pool Grill
5F Singapore Marriot Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel: 6831 4605

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