Cajun On Wheels

Located in the newly opened PasarBella Suntec, Cajun On Wheels, a concept by the Arteastiq Group, offers diners Louisiana-style seafood in a trendy setting. With its bright and cute food truck decor, it’s difficult to walk pass Cajun On Wheels without giving it a second look.

Cajun On Wheels has a variety of seafood buckets in myriad of flavors, to satisfy your hungry tummy and palate. Choose from Cajun Cheese, Cheesy Cream, Salted Egg Yolk and Thai Red Curry.

No need for cutleries here! Seafood buckets are poured over a large plastic sheet for that casual and fun dining experience-yes, with your fingers! We first sampled Flexing Mussels ($18), comprising of mussels (250g), clams (250g), corn, potato and chicken spam stir fried in Cheesy Cream Sauce, which was appetizing and comforting.




Ahhh, the sight of the Reel Crabby Bucket ($108) will surely make your heart pound faster. The bottomless seafood bucket comes with 700g of Scottish Dungeon Crab, 600g of Sri Lanka Crab, sweet corn, potatoes and chicken spam drenched in our choice of sauce-Salted Egg Yolk.



During the first tasting, I personally find that the Salted Egg Yolk sauce too diluted. Since then, Cajun on Wheels have reformulated the sauce and I’m glad to say the new recipe is fantastic-sharp notes of the chilli padi and curry leaves pierces though the thick, creamy sauce to tantalize your taste buds.

Before refomulation

Before reformulation

After reformulation

After reformulation

For a hearty seafood indulgence with the family, go for the large sharing buckets which can feed 2-3 persons while for couples, the smaller bucket combis will suffice.

Busy executives can get their mid-day seafood fix with Cajun On Wheel’s Ocean Boxes ($8.50-$11.50) with an option of 1 or 2 sides, conveniently available for takeaway. Side selection includes truffle fries, cajun fries, cheese fries, truffle sweet potato fries, chicken spam fries, corn, fire cracker hot squid and cajun rice pilaf.


Much love to AT Marketing and Cajun On Wheels for the invite.

Cajun On Wheels
PaSarbella @ Suntec City Mall
3 Temasak Boulevard
Unit 01-K41

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