South Bronx

South Bronx is casual dining concept by the newly rebranded Montana which offers an interesting assortment of savory and sweet burgers, as well as enticing finger food. Located on the first level of Pomo, South Bronx’s eye-catching, bright green décor and graffiti art makes it hard to miss.


Its evident South Bronx takes pride in their burgers. Buns are baked fresh daily and each components, from the meat patties to the sauces, are made in-house from scratch. What’s even better is the price point; South Bronx has kept their menu very affordable. Burgers go from $9.90-$12 and dessert burgers are no more than $6.90.


You can’t go wrong with a classic burger. The Bronx ($9.90) is a hearty treat constructed of juicy house-made beef patty, savoury smoked bacon, melted cheese and signature sauce sandwiched between potato burger buns.


Inspired by Japanese flavours, The Umami ($11) also comprises of beef patty, but this time, fragrance by the earthy aroma of miso mushrooms and jazzed up with bonito flakes. Good for peeps who crave Asian flavours in their burgers!


Despite its sloppy outlook, South Bronx’s Mac Daddy ($12) packs a gratifying punch, as well as addictive heat, with its Jalapeno mac and cheese toppings top beef patty.


For those who don’t take beef, there’s Southern Fried Chicken ($10.90) and Lemongrass Prawn ($10.90) available. I’m fond of light burgers and Thai notes, hence took a liking to the prawn burger which features Aroi lemongrass prawn patty, mango red onion coleslaw and green curry mayo.


To accompany your burger, I recommend topping up $4 for a meal combo, which include a drink, and 3 different varieties (criss cut, straight cut and curley) of fries. The fries still have the skin on, which makes its texture crispier.


Enhance your experience at South Bronx with Southern Fried Chicken Wings ($6.80), a mouth-watering side dish that’s perfectly fried. The wings are soaked in milk over night, which allows the acidity to break down the fibres, giving rise to beautifully tender meat. In addition, the wings are so well-seasoned that I personally find no use for the accompanying BBQ sauce.


We ended the meal the Red Velvet ($6.90) a unique creation comprising of hazelnut rocher ice cream, coconut nutella sauce and crunchy granola toppings sandwiched between red velvet buns. I find the coca notes overwhelming and could hardly detect vanilla, hence apart from the presentation, there’s nothing really red velvet about this. Other ice cream burger options include Black Sesame ($6.50), Thai Iced Tea ($5.90) and Berries N Cream ($5.90).


Many thanks to Michelle ( for extending the invite and Montana for the warm hospitality.

South Bronx
1 Selegie Road
#01-02 Pomo Mall
Tel: 988331790

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