Jade @ Fullerton Hotel

Located in the iconic Fullerton Hotel, Jade is beautifully decked out in regal hues of gold and silver. It simply looks like no expense has been spared to make this place look as opulent as it can be.


We tried the Restaurant Week set lunch which allowed us to sample a good variety of dishes at this fine dining Chinese restaurant for only $40++ per person. Aligned with Singapore Restaurant Week’s theme “Feasts of the Ocean”,  Jade’s menu focuses on seafood.

Awake your taste buds with Secret of the Deep Sea, a platter of 4 appetizers.  From left to right, there’s Poached Scallop and Seaweed Dumpling wrapped in chewy skin accompanied with piquant preserved vegetables, followed by perfectly fried Crispy Prawn with Spicy Sesame Dressing. This is certainly a welcome twist from the common wasabi dressing pairing. My vote goes to Jade’s rendition of the well-loved fried shrimp dim sum. Moving along, is a well-played creation of silky Steamed Squid Ink Tofu with stir-fried squid and crispy sesame tuile. The final item, Deep-fried Foie Gras Salmon Roll in Sweet Vinaigrette with pops of Tobiko, was rather disappointing as the former’s presence was rather faint.


The main dish, Steam Crab Roe with Sautéed Sliced Grouper, sits in a pool of robust XO chilli sauce. Take a bit of everything in one spoon and let it mingle in the mouth. Yummms!


Carbs can never be absent in a Chinese meal! Jade’s Simmered Ee-fu Noodles are flavoured with truffle, then topped with sliced abalone and morel mushrooms. Its hard to go wrong with that distinctive woody aroma of truffle, which added an umami punch. I’m not a fan of the foam though, as its texture was too dense.


Sweet endings, Breeze At Sand Beach, was a visual treat. I can see this being a hit with kids too! This is the most innovative dessert presentation I’ve come across so far at a Chinese restaurant, where the last course tends to be an afterthought. Shaved Coconut Ice and Mango Puree, a classic combination, takes centre stage. Its accompaniments, chewy Coffee Dumpling, Butter Cookies and Sago Custard Ball lie on a bed of biscuit crumble.


On the whole,  this was a satisfying meal. Jade’s service deserves a mention too-it was flawless and attentive.

Fulleton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Tel: 6877 8188

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