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Cook & Brew, one of Westin’s four dining concepts, allows one to take in the city’s busy skyline thanks to it’s 33rd floor vantage point. The venue is not only a watering hole that stocks fine wines and more than 100 varieties of beer, it’s also home to a speciality restaurant helmed by Chef Aaron Foster, who hails from Canada.

Picture Credit: The Westin Singapore

Picture Credit: The Westin Singapore

Picture Credit: The Westin Singapore

Picture Credit: The Westin Singapore


The gastro-bar has recently launched a collection of enticing new creations, which are included in the lunch and dinner menus.

Cook & Brew turns the humble bread appetizer into an upscale starter in the Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta ($12). Dip the grilled bread into the sensational whipped buffalo milk ricotta dip, which is enhanced with truffle and honey. Ahhh, I could have rounds of this!


For those who prefer a light start to the meal, munch on Heirloom Tomatoes and Plums ($17). Golden and red tomato silvers are complemented with buttermilk and gorgonzola cheese dressing, butter curd and pecan brittle, which highlight the natural sweetness of the vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes.


When you are feeling ravenous, there’s nothing better than a hearty burger to satiate the senses and empty tummy. Inspired by Chef Aaron’s Canadian origins, the Montreal Burger ($34) engages the palate with generous portion house-smoked Montreal meat, which is prepared by curing beef brisket with cracked peppercorns, garlic, coriander and mustard seed over a period of 21 days. The delectable smoked meat is placed atop USDA beef patty and sandwiched between fluffy buns. Everything was lovely, except for the beef patty, which was unfortunately overdone and too dry.


The Broccoli and Bacon Cheese Burger ($29), fared much better as the creamed broccoli sauce made up for the beef patty’s dryness. The burger is further elevated with double thick house-smoked maple-glazed bacon and American cheddar. This combination sounds unconventional, but I assure you, it worked splendidly. You’ll want to chase every bite with another! The Broccoli and Bacon Cheese Burger, as well as the Montreal Burger, are accompanied with fries tossed in rosemary and shaved parmesan.


For a burger with local influence, go for the Hawker Burger ($34), where beef patty marries a beautifully marinated char siew-style pork jowl that boosts a moist interior and seductively charred surface. Crispy pork belly lends texture and an air of sinfulness to the already delectable burger. Also included are sambal mayonnaise and sliced green pickled chilli which help cut through all that richness. The fries here are tossed in chilli powder instead of rosemary parmesan seasoning, so as to maintain the local tones in this dish.


Not a fan of burgers? Cook & Brew also offers a selection of tempting main courses. We sampled the Polenta and Dutch Veal Brisket ($42), where milk-braised, tender meat wrapped around mouth-watering stuffing, lie on a bed of creamy, smooth polenta. The veal is complemented with kale and glazed turnips, which add a contrasting touch of bitterness and sweetness to the savoury meat. Well played!


After all the scrumptious savories, we were in the mood for something sweet. The Rum and Raisin, with copious amount of booze, is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


On the whole, we had a pleasant dining experience at Cook & Brew.

Many thanks to HungryGoWhere and The Westin for the invite.

Cook & Brew
Level 33
The Westin Singapore
12 Marina View
Asia Sqaure Tower 2
Tel: 6922 6948

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