Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Treatment Facial

What started out as a 600 square feet salon has expanded to a 2400 square feet beauty venue under Dato Icemichelle Chen’s nurturing over the span of 17 years. Located just a couple of minutes walk from Bishan MRT station, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa offers East-meets-West beauty therapies by marrying TCM with advance technology to deliver fast and long-lasting results.


Dato Icemichelle Chen is a veteran in the wellness and beauty industry with 20 years of experience under her belt. Her radiant and youthful appearance beat 40 other contestants from all over Asia to win the title of Mrs Singapore Universal Beauty in 2013. It’s hard to believe that she’s a mother of a 19 year old!


After sipping some floral tea, I was ushered upstairs to experience Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa latest facial- Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Treatment Series, which brightens complexion, lift facial contours and detoxify the skin.



The skin was first cleansed using Korean Oxygen Cleanser, which dissolves impurities and grime deep inside pores.


My skin before Ice Secret Pure Radiance Treatment.


A hyaluronic acid ampoule is applied before Ice’s Secret Multi-Power device, a unique patented technology from Japan, is used on the face and neck. The device works the body’s natural electric waves, drawing out toxins and excess fluids away from the face, to be processed and eliminated by the lymphatic system. Manual drainage by hand will be done for customers who are pregnant or have metal implants in their face.


As you can see from the picture below, Ice’s Secret Multi-Power device has lifted my chubby facial contours, creating a slimmer, V-shape jaw line.


Following that, the therapist expertly massaged my face and décolletage to drain away even more fluids, as well as stimulate blood circulation. The massage went on long enough for me to fall into a comfortable slumber

A thin layer of Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Mask was applied to the face, followed by French stem cell mask, which was generously slathered on. The highlight here is Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Mask, which is concocted in accordance of a Japanese formulation comprising of natural botanical actives (more details later in the post).


Cheers to lifted, radiant and hydrated complexion 🙂


Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Mask can be either left on for 20 minutes and rinsed off, or used as an overnight sleeping mask.


Its benefits are…
Lighten hyper pigmentation
Lighten acne marks and scars
Lighten under eye circles
Brighten dull complexion
Prevent cell aging
Reduce the appearance of fine lines
Reduce excess melanin production
Even out unbalanced skin tone

The above benefits are rendered by the following botanic ingredients:
White Mulberry Root: Prevent melanin production
Kudzu Root: A potent antioxidant
Magnolia Tree Bark: Soothes the skin
Peony Root: Antioxidant properties
Aloe Leaf: Anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and helps to bind moisture to the skin
Lavender Essential Oil: Anti-bacterial
Strawberry Begonia Flower: Antioxidant


Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Mask is free from artificial colouring, added fragrances and harsh agents. It can also be used on any part of the body with dark pigments eg underarms, bikini area. Only a thin layer is required, and the product is easily absorbed by the skin. I have tried using the mask overnight once, and woke up to calmed, nourished and glowing complexion.  Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Mask is available in 2 sizes ($29.90, $128) and can be purchased here.

In addition to the following trial prices, readers of my blog can enjoy a complimentary Ice’s Secret Signature Eye’s Dark Circle Treatment (U.P. $138) for any trial treatment. Quote “madamechewy” when making appointment.

1 Signature

1 Head massage

1 neck and shoulder whitening

1 Neck

1 radiance neck treatmenr

Many thanks to AT Marketing and Supreme Q.X Spa for the invite

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa
Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510
(Opposite CPF Board Building)
Tel: 6358 3029

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