Man Fu Yuan Dim Sum

One can’t help but feel cheery upon stepping into InterContinental’s Man Fu Yuan. Unlike most Chinese restaurants decked in dark woods, reds and golds, Man Fu Yuan has  romantic yet nostalgic interiors of Peranakan louvered windows shutters, butterfly chandeliers, oriental lattices in light woods and velvet lavender seats. One of the more chic Chinese restaurants, I must say.


Man fu Yuan dining room-tile

Picture credit: Intercontinental Hotel

Even the fine tableware matches the restaurant’s theme! Now, onto the food. We welcomed the amuse bouche, refreshing Drunken Chicken atop Winter Melon marinated in Orange Juice, with much enthusiasm as we were starving and it took quite awhile for the dim sum to be served as they are only cooked upon order.


Minced Pork Dumpling with Scallops ($6.80/3 pcs). Siew Mai alone is oooo, with scallop, I’d be all ahhhh…Man Fu Yuan also aced the Traditional Prawn Dumpling ($6.80/3 pcs) , which was delectable. Crunchy, juicy prawns bundled up in thin, semi-translucent skin. So, so difficult to resist!



The Honey-glazed Pork Buns ($5.20/3 pcs) scored points for its on-the-spot-sweetness and chunky, tender meat, while the our tongues revelled in the smooth texture of Rice Roll with Fresh Prawns and Yellow Chives ($8.80).



The ooze game is strong in the Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun ($12/6 pcs). Thumbs up for its fluffy exterior and rich salted egg yolk flavour. Just when you thought that life can’t get any better, Man Fu Yuan raises the bar further with a deep fried rendition! The Deep-fried Salted Egg Custard Bun ($12/6 pcs) is undeniable decadent but, worth every calorie!



Bean Curd Skin Roll with Shrimps ($6.80/3 pcs) didn’t make a memorable impression but was overall alright. The Radish Cake with Preserved Meat ($5.20/ pcs) fared better. The smooth and soft radish cake was generously studded with Chinese Sausage which added textural variation, as well as punches of savoury flavour.



Don’t miss the lusciously smooth congee, which is available with a variety of ingredients-Fish ($8), Minced Pork with Century Egg ($8), Seafood ($12) and Bird Nest with Dried Scallops ($32).


At the end of the meal, the staff served complimentary mini glasses of Sour Plum Juice, which did a great job of cleansing our palates.


At Man Fu Yuan, you can feel a lot of attention does into every item to offer, plus, their ingredients, execution and service is top-notch. One note to keep in mind though-because the items are freshly cooked, do try to order everything you want at the start of the meal. We ordered the radish cake halfway through our lunch and had to wait 30 minutes for it to be served.

For those who like buffets, Man Fu Yuan offers a la carte Dim Sum Buffet Brunch on weekends at $58++ per adult and $28++ per child.

Man Fu Yuan
Intercontinental Hotel
80 Middle Road
Tel: 6825 1008

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