Marc Anthony Moisturising Shea Butter & Marula Oil Range

No matter what type of hair you have, hydration is paramount for healthy, luscious locks. The latest addition to Marc Anthony’s hair care line, Moisturising Shea Butter & Marula Oil range, adds balanced hydration to all types of tresses, so that you can achieve strong, shiny and manageable hair.


The Moisturizing Shea Butter and Marula Oil range is sulphate-free and comprises of light-weight ingredients, to impart partial penetration, allowing both internal and external protection and moisture. This is great for gals with fine hair, as it does not weigh the locks down. The formulation penetrates the hair shaft, depositing moisturising ingredients within the cuticle, hence it also works well to revitalise coarse hair.

The products work on all types of hair, thanks to the type and size of molecules, which are tiny enough to penetrate and work efficiently. Shea Butter has the ability to partially penetrate, with some nutrients going within the hair shaft, while larger molecules sit on the surface, adding shine and protection. Oils with mono-saturated fats like Marula and Sweet Almond Oils are also able to penetrate and deliver benefits. In addition, the oleic acid  in Marula oil adds moisture and shine to all hair types without weighing the hair down. Vitamins A, B and E in the Sweet Almond Oil also promotes shine and strength, while fatty acids protect.

The Shea Butter & Marula Oil Shampoo ($17.90/250ml) Only a little is required to foam up into a rich lather. A luscious wash ladies can look forward to daily after a tiring day! 02


The Shea Butter & Marula Oil Conditioner ($17.90/250ml) has a creamy texture that easily spreads and coat each strand of hair.



Both products smell lovely and after using them for one and a half weeks, I noticed that my locks are soft to touch and suffer less breakages.

Marc Anthony Moisturising Shea Butter & Marula Oil Range can be found at Watsons Stores.

Much love to Matrix Star Marketing for sending these my way.

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