Established in South Korean in 2007, Seorae has gone from strength to strength, with currently more than 260 outlets in Korea and other cities such as Tokyo, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Chef Chul Park, the Founder of Seorae, attributes the success in the highly competitive market of Korean BBQ, to the company’s basic philosophy of providing diners with the best quality ingredients and produce, while maintaining the art of Korean barbeque. Another unique aspect is that Seorae serves Galmaegisal, which translates to “skirt meat”, a cut with minimal amount of fat (great for waist-watchers) while possessing the perfect ratio of tenderness and juiciness. A fully-grown cow or pig only produces about 250g of such prized meat, which was in the past,  was strictly reserved for Korean royalties. Now, you can savour Galmaegisal at Seorae Singapore, located conveniently at Plaza Singapura.

Despite it being a weekday, there was a queue already forming at Seorae’s entrance during dinnertime.


Ease into the evening with some alcoholic beverages. Have some fun and action with the Soju Bombs ($20/2 glasses, $29/4 glasses, $39/6 glasses, $49/8 glasses) or for something refreshing and also great for sharing, go for the Watermelon Soju ($25.90) or 5-in-1 Makkoli Mix ($39.90) which comprises of Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry flavours (also available individually at $12.90).




Seorae’s signature Galmaegisal is available for individual order or as a platter. For first-timers, I recommend going for the combination platter, so you can sample all 3 different marinades. The King Galmaegisal 3 in 1 ($29.90/270g, $49.90/ 500g) comprises of US pork skirt-meat marinated with Korean spices, Spicy Galmaegisal and Garlic Soy-sauce Galmaegisal. My favourite was the lattermost, which was beautifully flavoursome and tender. Only charcoal is used for grilling, which gives the meats an additional dimension of flavour.

07a King Galmaesil 3 in 1

07b Galmaesil cooking

A close second is the Wagyu Jinkkotsal ($37.90), which melts in the mouth. Just look at that marbling! You’ve gotta be crazy to say no to this!


Wagyu slices sizzling seductively over the charcoal grill. I can’t wait to devour them!


A must try is the complimentary Grilled Egg, which boast a silky texture. For more oomph and gooeyness , add in some cheese!

12 13

The assortment of banchan, to go along with the delectable proteins.


Apart from BBQ meats, Seorae also serves traditional Korean favourites such as Tofu Stew($14.90), Seafood Pancake ($17.90) and Kimchi Pancake ($17.90).



Round up your meal with Seorae’s tempting line up of Bingsoos. My top pick is the Cheese Bingsoo ($14.90), which features delicate savoury flavours from the cheese shavings, cheese sauce and cheese cake, balanced harmoniously with sweet notes from the Vanilla ice cream.



The Namdaemun Bingsoo ($12.90) was also superb, and will definitely satisfy those who like a dash of alcohol and coffee in their dessert.  Another strong contender is the Matcha Patbingsoo ($9.90) where bitter green tea ice cream contrasts with adzuki, heightened by crunchy cornflakes.


To sum up, my dining experience at Seorae was fantastic, and I plan to revisit with the hubs (who is currently drooling while looking at the gorgeous meat photos, haha).

Lobang alert! Seorae is running a Late Night Dining Promotion, where customers who dine in after 8.30pm can enjoy a free Patbingsoo or 2 Soju Bombs (worth $20) with $60 minimum spend.

On a side note, if you’ve watched Descendant of the Sun, you’ll notice that Seorae was featured in the popular drama. There’s a life-sized Captian Yoo at the entrance so ladies, don’t miss the opportunity  to get your laces “tied” by the handsome soldier.


Much love to Bless Inc Asia and Seorae for the invite.

Plaza Singapura #02-01
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6238 8429

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