O’Coffee Club Launches New All-Day Breakfast Menu

Chilling in a café, relaxing in our own world or chatting with friends without having to worry about anything else is probably what most of us strive for, right? Although the lattermost may be difficult to achieve, you can easily indulge in the former at O’Coffee Club over gourmet coffee and their brand new all-day breakfast menu.


O’Coffee Club first started in 1991 and has gone from strength to strength, with now 12 outlets island- wide. The Paragon branch recently had a refurbishment to include a retail area, stocked with beans from the best coffee-growing countries such as Indonesia, Kenya and Jamaica.


All-Day Breakfast

The focus today is on O’Coffee Club’s new all-day breakfast menu. We started on classics like Eggs Benedict ($10.90), where a pair of perfectly poached eggs sits atop your choice of protein (smoked salmon, ham or Mangalica bacon), on a ciabatta bread base. There’s a good and proportionate coat of creamy hollandaise sauce going on, following a sprinkle of dill for aromatic hints.


Waffles are still a favorite I’ll never tire of. Visually, the massive 3-tired Waffle Stacker ($19.90) is imposing, and the portion is large enough for 2 diners to share. Sandwiched between the golden brown waffles, are lush scrambled eggs and Mangalica bacon. To accompany their waffles, diners have a choice of regular maple syrup, coffee maple syrup or gula Melaka cream. I personally adore the lattermost, for its extra rich, caramelized, buttery taste and also because it’s unique, which enhanced the value of this breakfast plate to me instantly. Do note that these waffles are fluffy and moderately dense, so those who prefer your waffles to have a crisps exterior; this may not be for you.



Another highlight is the French Toast ($7.90), which comprises of pillow-y golden-brown cubes of fried Pullman bread, crowned with a dollop of orange-infused mascarpone cheese. I felt that the French toast was a tad oily, but thankfully, the citrus notes from the orange-infused mascarpone cheese cuts through the greasiness. As with the Waffle Stacker, the French Toast comes with regular maple syrup, coffee maple syrup or gula melaka cream. I highly recommend the gula melaka cream.


Feeling a tad more ravenous or carnivorous? Opt for the Full breakfast ($10.90), which offers the full works fried/scrambles eggs, grilled chicken sausages, crisps Mangalica bacon, sautéed mushroom, char-grilled tomato and toasts.

All Time Favorites

If you prefer a healthy and light meal, go for the Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon and Cheese Crisps ($12.90). O’Coffee Club swaps the usual hard-boiled egg in favor of poached egg, the ultimate comfort food. I like how the creamy yolk adds texture and dimension to the greens. If you’re not into smoked salmon, a chicken option is available for $11.90.


The Country Pie ($12.90) portion may look small, but it’s surprisingly substantial. Dig pass the gooey layer of cheese and mashed potatoes to discover a mix of chicken, carrots and celery in white sauce. Use the crispy parprika tortillas to spade up luscious pie filling. Delicious!


The Garlic Prawn Pasta ($15.90), tossed in pesto and completed with chilli flakes, was a tad too dry for me.


A popular dessert, the house-made Muddy Mud Pie ($11.90) is a saccharine treat of cappuccino and chocolate ice cream, cookies and cream base, chocolate sauce drizzle and cookie crumbs. Decadent!


O’Coffee Club offers a wide variety of coffees to kick start your day, as well as appealing non-caffeinated beverages. While most cafes stock an assortment of 3-4 beans, O’Coffee Club carries 8 variants.  New to the menu is the Frozen Espresso Latte ($6.40) presented with an adorable penguin-shaped (or polar bear-shaped) ice. To lighten the intensity, add in more milk, which is served separately.



The barista demonstrated the syphon brewing technique with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans ($6.90) and O’Coffee Club Classic ($5.90) using the French press method. According to my dining companions, both were lovely.





For non-coffee drinkers (like me), new options include an appealing Ice Blended Matcha ($6.90), Very Berries ($6.90) and Sunny Orange ($6.90) smoothie.


To sum up, I was impressed with O’Coffee Club’s quality, execution and affordable price point.

Much love to @nahmj for extending the invitation, as well as Sixth Sense PR and O’Coffee Club for the warm hospitality.

O’Coffee Club Paragon
Paragon Shoping Centre
290 Orchard Road
Tel: 6733 3595

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