Valcucine Debuts in Singapore

In partnership with Roberto Design, Valcucine, a distinguished Italian brand, has launched its first showroom in Singapore.


Valcucine started in the 1980s, specialising in timeless and elegant kitchen, build to last for generations.


Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit


Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

During the grand opening, we were treated to a tantalising assortment of Italian favourites.





Valcucine has worked in the field of kitchen and system design, always putting aesthetics, creativity and the satisfaction of their client first, dictated by the solid will to guarantee functionality, ergonomics, safety and respect for nature.


Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

Valcucine timeless kitchen offers reliability and durability backed with a 10 year guarantee. Allowing users to experience timeless sophistication that is imperious to trends.

All collections are designed with people in mind to create products that contribute to the wellness and need of the user. All collections are ergonomically designed, constructed using high quality material, and is free from toxic element that are harmful towards the user and the environment

Valcucine innovates constantly, bringing forth a system balanced between function use and restoration of natural resources, along with the conservation of raw material by favouring the design of kitchen bases on dematerialisation, recyclability, and reductions in the emission of toxic substances. To understand people’s requirements, Valcucine does ongoing researches and constantly throw in creative ideas to improve their designs and move towards the creation of an even better kitchen.

Out of the 4 systems, SineTempore appeals to me the most. This design involves the work small workshops all over the world. This kitchen is conceived to express the values of tradition through the various ancient handifraft techniques: inlays, cravings and mosaics decorate the wooden surfaces, while brush-hammering is used to the surfaces of the worktop back panals, and grinding (cutting) for the glass. It is a kitchen designed for memories, emotions, scents and unforgettable moments.

Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

Picture Credit: Valcucine Press Kit

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Valcucine Showroom
Roberto Design Pte Ltd
182 Clemenceau Ave
Tel: 6278 9118

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