Enjoy 51% off Hidden Door Concepts from 6-9 Aug

In celebration of the Singpore’s 51st birthday, Hidden Door Concepts rewards loyal and new customers with 51% off selected items from 6-9 Aug 2016. In addition to Sear, Angie’s Oyster Bar and Empire’s promotion, diners can also enjoy excellent deals at Lower East Side, Nickeldime Drafthouse, Kitchenette, Spathe Public House and Mu Parlour.

Lower East Side Taqueria

Lower East Side - Urban Jamaican_18450-tile

Urban tacos are interpreted 3 ways – Indian ($7.80++, UP $16), Thai ($7.35++, UP $15), and Jamaican ($8.82++, UP $18). The Urban Indian showcases marinated overnight in tandoori powder and yogurt, and then grilled. Basmati rice is added to elevate the texture and paired with cooling cucumber raita. The tacos are topped with sliced onions, and coriander leaves. The Urban Thai features minced pork with Thai basil, and is
topped with jalapeno, sliced onions and coriander leaves. Lastly, the Urban Jamaican highlights chicken marinated with chilli flakes, and garlic powder, and topped with sweet pineapple mango salsa, and sambal mayo, to satisfy your spicy taste buds.

Lower East Side Taqueria
19 East Coast Road
Tel: 6348 1302

Nickeldime Drafthouse

Nickeldime - Sambal bobbing chicken pizza_18510-tile

One of Nickeldime Drafthouse’s bestselling pizza is the bobbing
chicken pizza, the special order of pizza comes with a sambal and
tomato sauce base, mozzarella cheese, stout chicken, capsicums, and
jalapeno. Priced at $8.33++ (UP $17), this irresistible treat is not to be missed
with Nickeldime’s extensive range of imported craft and draft beers
under its roof!

Nickeldim Drafthouse
Novena Gardens #01-06
273 Thompson Road
Tel: 6256 0261

Kichenette|Spathe Public Bath House|Mu Parlour

Paint the town red with the limited edition National Day Waffles ($7.84++, UP $16), as a tribute to the Singapore flag, and the Red Velvet Shake ($5.88++,
UP $12).

Kitchenette, Mu Parlour, Spathe - National Day Waffles_18402 (1)-tile

Dig into the National Day Waffles ($7.84++, UP $16) with a drizzle of cassis sauce, dusted with icing sugar, garnished with blackberries and strawberries, and served with vanilla ice cream, topped with red velvet cake crumbs and pistachio nuts. The Singapore flag is painted using edible red colouring made from cream cheese sauce, and stars dusted with icing sugar to
complete the patriotic look.

Kitchenette, Mu Parlour, Spathe - Red Velvet Shake_18379 (1)-tile

The Red Velvet Shake ($5.88++, UP $12) made of red velvet and vanilla ice cream is a heartwarming choice. Topped with iced gem biscuits, dark chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles, cubes of red velvet cake,
strawberry, and honeycomb, one is sure to put a smile on your face as you delight in the festivities.

1 Goldhill Plaza
Tel: 6348 1302

Spathe Public House
8 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01
Tel: 6735 1035

MU Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6446 9336

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