Kyushu Food Trail @ Sun with Moon

Embark on a Kyushu food trail at Sun with Moon. From 2nd Sept -31st Oct 2016, the well-loved Japanese casual dining restaurant is bringing back, for the 9th time, popular Kyushu specials. The region, known for its hot springs and natural beauty, also boasts a variety of dishes that are not commonly found in Japanese eateries in Singapore. By the way, there’s a 20% discount code at the end of this post 🙂


Fans of the ocean will enjoy the selection of sashimi and sushi offered. My top pick would definitely be the Sun Style Goma Salmon, where thin slices of salmon sashimi is paired with a luscious dip of onsen egg, soy sauce and spring onion. A Kyushu Yellowtail sashimi rendition is also available for $18.80.

Sustainable farmed Kyushu Bluefin Tuna Sashimi ($20.80)

Sustainable farmed Kyushu Bluefin Tuna Sashimi ($20.80)


Sun Style Goma Salmon ($15.80)



Kyushu Nirigi ($15.80), is a collection of 3 varieties of sushi, namely Bluefin lean Tuna Sushi, Rosy Seabass (fatty textured white fish) and Akamoku Seaweed (cooked seaweed paste from Kumamoto). The lattermost is something that I’ve never experienced before; I found its unique viscous texture, particularly appealing.


Main Course

Swine lovers can indulge in the beautifully tender and flavoursome Braised Pork Belly & Radish in Soy Sauce and Kyushu Shochu ($15.80). On a cool day, the Tonkusen Motsu Nabe( $17.80) will come in handy. This is a Fukuoka favourite, where beef offal (small intestines), cabbage, chives are served simmering in a katsuo, ginger and garlic soup stock.



In the Kagoshima Kurobuta Yakiniku Aged Mentaiko Kamameshi ($23.80), sautéed slices of Kagoshima Berkshire pork and Aged Seasoned Cod Roe presented in a hot pot, atop fluffy steamed rice. In order to produce such tasty mentaiko, pollock eggs are marinated in a special sauce with Kushu yuzu for 168 hours. To enjoy this dish, simple mix the ingredients with the rice, before transferring it into a bowl. You’ll notice some slightly charred grains stuck at the bottom of the hot pot. Now, pour some broth (served in a cute mini kettle) into the hot pot and mix again. The rice will soak up the soup and you’ll get mouth-watering grains! This is exceptionally good, I highly recommend it.




Another fantastic dish is the Te Nobe Tonkutsu Miso Ramen ($14.80), which features hand pulled noodles from Nagasaki, in a rich pork bone soup stock, finished with fork-tender sliced pork and preserved vegetables. I must say, I’m amazed by the threads-they are not only possess an amazing silky smooth texture, but also springy consistency. Slurp-worthy! For those who like thier ramen spicy, add a dash of Yuzu Tabasco!




Round up your meal with Amasa Hikaeme Caramel Satsumo Imo Mont Blanc ($6.80), a light dessert of Japanese-style Mont Blanc with swirls of sweet potato and custard centre. This tart is not too sweet, and has a refined texture that I’m sure many will fall in love with.


For the fickle minded, Sun with Moon has thoughtfully curated lunch and dinner sets that allows diners to experience more items at one time.

lunch menu


Discount Code for my readers: Quote ‘madamechewy’ to enjoy 20% off your bill. Valid from 13th Sept-30th Sept 2016.

Many thanks to SFBI and Sun withMoon for the invite.

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